Minecraft Player reborn as a God
30 Taking Care of Idiots
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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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30 Taking Care of Idiots

General POV

"Everyone get back to your seats now!" The lord of dead had gotten over his anger and confusion and had calmed down. He was still angry about the deaths of so many mortals. These last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions for him. While he had gone and found peace in himself with Buddha, he had never prepared himself for this. Hades has long since been calm and withdrawn from the world and through this many problems which he could have taken care of had risen.

When everyone had finally gotten to their seats the true meeting began.

"Demeter, explain the situation clearly and all the events leading up to this point. Then I want, you Aphrodite to explain why you have caused this. You have known about the whereabouts of Persephone the entire time and did not notify anyone and let the number of deaths multiply. If you do not give a reasonable answer I will personally see to your punishment for you," Hades looked to both Demeter and Aphrodite and clearly showed his disappointment in them, turning to the other gods, "after they are dealt we will have major changes on how everything is run."

Demeter then explained the events leading up to the point of swearing off her responsibility. She told how Aphrodite had sabotaged any search for her daughter and how every time she came to Olympus, Apollo was in bed with her. This led Hades to turn his stare to Aphrodite. His stare was intense and the pressure he emitted was heavy and intense. He wanted to know the truth and the truth wasn't looking good for her.

"Aphrodite, you better have a good explanation for you actions or else you will be spending a hundred years in the pit," The god of fear looked deeply into her eyes and had made it clear that he was in no mood for bullshit and if he was not satisfied with her answer he will come through with his promise.

"Well, it all started because you were not paying attention to me. For years I have been trying to get you to look at me. I have made gods follow me around and would do anything to sleep with me, but you did not even acknowledge my advances. Then this hussy comes along and you immediatly invite her to your home. People have laughed at me because of you and I thought I could get back at her. So I thought, why don't I drive her mother insane. It worked and would have continued to work if not for her swearing off bringing vegetation to the earth," The more she talked the more infuriated Hades had gotten. Persephone felt ashamed of herself and was guilt-ridden by the fact this was partially her fault. Hades noticed this and he decided enough was enough.

"Do you know the amount of damage all of you have caused. I have heard complaints of many of you Olympians ignoring your responsibilities. This council has gotten out of hand and needs to change," leveling each one of the gods a glare now focused on the two responsible for this mess, "You both have caused me major problems, since you decided to ruin mortal lives I decided that it is time you both shall live as mortals for a hundred years with none of your godly powers. This means you will be forced to work like normal people with no help from any god. Aphrodite, you will be formed old and ugly for this entire period. Demeter your job will be continued by an aspect of yourself for this time. But before this, both of you will have to apologize to every man, woman, child, and baby in the afterlife one at a time. You both will be lectured on the hardships each one has faced from either them or someone else. This is your punishment and this is my decree!" Hades had made this punishment as a way to make them see the hardships they have brought.

"Wait a minute, I cannot be ugly, who do you think I am, Hephaestus," the goddess of love was infuriated by the fact she would be made ugly. Her ugly imagine that.

"Only I can give them a punishment, and I say they will get none! They are Olympians and they shall not be looked at as any other way!" The king of the gods will not be slighted. Giving punishments to other gods is his job as king, not Hades's. He felt insulted by the thought of someone else having this power.

"Zeus, we have not begun to discuss your transgressions. I have heard many complaints from other goddesses of your attempts and successes of ****. There will be a change and I will be bringing it. You have fucked up in many of your decisions and have led to this catastrophe. You do not realize the damage all of you have caused," Hades had had enough and decided that Zeus as well needed to be humbled.

"Who cares what others think I am their king and they should do what I say. If I want to bed someone I bed them. It is my rule, not yours Hades," The god of the sky had enough of this and raised his bolt and was ready to blast Hades.

Before anything could happen Poseidon had blasted Zeus with his trident. This shocked many of the gods. The older ones were definitely surprised.as they knew of Poseidon and his loyalty of the position as king as well as his own attitude was very similar to Zeus's. Zeus had always believed that Poseidon would never betray him as he was king, but he was proven wrong today.

"Zeus you are wrong, I have had a great deal of time to think about my past actions. I have made many mistakes and my greatest one was following in your example. My kingdom is in disarray and it has taken much to fix a small portion of the problems I have caused. Nymphs and goddesses run at the sight of me and I have had to deal with many political decisions and promises I have made during those times. To put it frankly right now I have to fight back for control of the seas. Right now we need to change." The lord of the seas still pointng his weapon at Zeus had sighed. Poseidon had learned being a king meant having a responsibility to his people. Looking at Zeus he realised that Zeus was a terrible king and emulating him had cost him dearly. He looked back and reflected on his past actions and they are still biting him. He had tried to fix his mistakes and more kept showing up.

Zeus knew he could take on Hades if his kids and Poseidon were on his side, but he never expected to be betrayed by his brother. He had always been cautious of Hades and his power. He knew he could not do anything at the moment and had to regain the trust of his family in order to go against Hades. Right now he was cornered and could do nothing. He knew he was beaten and did not want another of his balls destroyed so he did the smart thing and shut up for once.

Hades was given the floor by Poseidon. The lord of the dead proposed to have a meeting three times a year instead of one. Each meeting would be held in each realm. The meetins will be spent during the Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, and Hadeseus Solstice. The Hadeseus shall happen during an Eclipse which will allow gods easy access to the END where the meeting shall take place. It will occur once a year at any time of Hades's choosing. The Summer Solstice's meeting shall take place in Poseidon's realm. There will be no more laziness when taking care of their duties anymore either.

All the gods had no choice, but to agree to these terms. The gods will have more oversight because of their actions.


I lost most of my work because I was logged out and could not save it so I had lost my train of thought and had to start over.

Trying a new writing style after reading some books and going over grammar. Probably in the near future I will go back and edit my chapters.

The Persephone living situation and the weather will be addressed after Demeter's punishment is fulfilled.

Zeus will not be trapped under a golden net and promise to be a better ruler. This scene has replaced that.


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