Minecraft Player reborn as a God
31 Chapter 30 The Wedding
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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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31 Chapter 30 The Wedding

It has been a month since I have confessed my love for Hades. Times have been changing and I have been spending more time with him in the END. Hades had started to build my garden, with me to help of course. We have been spending so much time together and having fun.

We made a lake inside my garden with a tiny island situated in the middle. On that island was a tree that grew enchanted golden apples. These apples have the ability to give anyone a regenerative factor so powerful one can even grow back lost limbs. Hera's tree could not even do that. The garden itself was huge, encompassing a ten-kilometre radius around the tree. It had a variety of flowers from all around the world and many of which I personally made.

After the garden was finished we met back at the tree and he went onto one knee. Hades proposed to me and gifted me a ring made of gold, platinum, and netherite. He would also propose to Athena later too, on some random island she made and gifted her his library, his most prized possession. I felt my garden was a better gift though, as we built it together.

Hades had been spending so much time with Persephone it is driving me crazy. Thankfully they just completed the garden and I can finally show off Themyscira. I had invited him to my island and showed him all around it. He met the native woman and also saw a competition in the newly built coliseum where they were having the championship for the title of 'Wonder Woman', of course, Queen Hippolyta won. It was some good entertainment.

Artemis though was upset, over the fact that Hades, a man, was here. She threw a tantrum over the fact a male god was on her island. Some of the women were upset as well, following the teachings of their leader. Hades though did not feel any discontent and let it slide. He spoke with the architects of the island on some of his own ideas on buildings that would match the other buildings while giving it a futuristic vibe. (A/N futuristic for them)

We spent a month on the island discussing how it was made and what made it special. Hades invited the queen to many of these chats. It was special being with him, especially during the sunsets on the beach.

It was just another day on the beach with him, enjoying the most beautiful sunset yet, when he got down on one knee and proposed to me, gifting me his greatest creation, his library. It was the happiest day of my godly life.

It has been fifty years since the great cold for humans. The world had changed and for the better. Apollo was no longer lazy, like when he used to pull the sun across the sky for 8 hours, now he's pulling it for 12 hours a day. This allowed vegetation to grow easier and giving dryads more power. Farms flourished and the population had expanded to its previous number.

The gods were finally fulfilling their responsibilities and for once answering prayers to humans. This made the worship of the gods expand and allowed more temples to rise. From the humanities perspective, the world changed for the better and a shrine had risen to thank their first hero, Kryos.

From the perspective of the gods, they had felt a great change had taken place. No longer the rapes of goddesses would take place without punishment. No longer will any god be allowed to ignore their duty. For the goddesses this was a blessing, they were finally allowed into the world without fear. The gods of Olympus though hated it, their freedom had been taken away from them, and for a few who did not get the memo, were as thrown into the pit. Hades had no tolerance for their shit anymore, much to the frustration of Zeus. Zeus had lost a lot of political power because of his brothers and resented them for it.

Speaking of Zeus, two of his daughters, Persephone and Athena had wedded Hades. Persephone was married in the END, in her garden, while Athena had her marriage in Themyscira. All the gods were invited to their weddings, even mortals were invited to come. For them, it was the happiest days of their lives.

The parties themselves were immaculate and elegant, not like the Olympian parties that would later become orgies. END parties focused on better music and having a good time. Sure there was drinking, but they were more controlled and had a larger variety of food.

* The meetings throughout the years were different. Hades had been actually been paying attention and was focused on the topics discussed. When the meetings were placed in the END, all the gods and demigods of the END were allowed a seat, no exceptions.

This angered all the Olympians except Athena, as she had participated in some of Hades's conferences, whilst living in the END. The others could complain all they wanted, the most adamant was Zeus as expected, but at the end of the day, no one could overrule Hades and were forced to be seated with the other species and demigods.

Many of the Olympian gods and those of the sea were jealous of the END, once they heard the news of how they were allowed to participate in the council meeting. After seeing many of the goddesses that used to be on Olympus in the END, Zeus decreed they had to come back to Olympus but was ultimately rejected by Hades.

I have never been more insulted in my entire life. I had banished Hades from Olympus and made sure it was known that he wasn't an Olympian, but now he comes here and takes almost all my control over the gods. I was betrayed by Poseidon and the other gods, as they went along with it and no one else stood up for me. Only I am allowed to punish the Olympians, but Hades thinks otherwise. When the time comes, he shall pay. I found out he had stolen the goddesses of Olympus when the meeting, in the END, had taken place. He stole from me, that thief. He stole my daughters, and next, he will steal my throne.


Changed the title Interlude #4 to The Wedding.


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