Minecraft Player reborn as a God
34 Chapter 32 Themis 18+
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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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34 Chapter 32 Themis 18+

My first son has finally gotten married. He had changed so much over the years, focussing on his realm more than the others. He grew from a naive young god to a mighty king of his realm. While I remain on Mount Ida to be impartial to my children they are free to visit me whenever they want. Hestia visits me the most feeling left out from Olympus by all the other goddesses.

Over the years we grew closer. She told me stories of her visits to the END and how its changes. Hades had allowed even mortal demigods to hold residence there. Of course, hades will not allow regular humans to live there because they would not survive, but it is still surprising. It was sad when he was kicked out of Olympus. I expected him to be upset, but he was actually glad to not have to show up. I guess Zeus had greatly disappointed him. Zeus has changed since then, finding this as an excuse to do as he pleased. Looking back, it might have been better if I had stayed on Mount Olympus to guide Zeus and the other gods.

It had gotten so bad that Hades was forced to intervene and end Zeus's nonsense. I saw the effects of how Hades fixed many of the issues that the earth had faced over the past couple of years, forcing Zeus to yield a lot of power. I know Zeus is the jealous type and I am disappointed in him and how he led the gods astray.

Gaea had met with me and told me of her disappointment with the gods, and how their actions have directly hurt her. She was mad, and nothing goes right when she is angry. The gods are now moving forward in the right direction, I just hope nothing changes.

I had finally gotten married to Hades. It was the best day of my immortal life.

While on the beach, as the water shimmered under the slowly fading sunlight, and displayed the leaving sun. I was surrounded by my fellow goddesses and Amazons that came to celebrate with me. We partied and had a great time on Themyscira.

Hades had taken me back to the END to give me my gift. He knew how much I wanted to own something like his library, so he gave me ownership of one of his most prized creations. Hades was known to take extreme pride in his buildings and would not allow any changed made to them. I am so glad he had given me full authority to do as I wish to the library. His sorting system is efficient, but frankly, I could think of many better ways to sort books. After he gave me the library though, I thought it was time to give him my own gift, my virginity. Apparently, Persephone had the same idea.

Athena and Persephone both knew that Hades was dense when it came to things such as love and sex, as they had to literally tell him, rather than expecting him to pick up the signs. They had made an agreement with each other, that once both of them were married, they would lose their virginities at the same time. They wanted to ensure that neither one of them had gotten the upper hand on each other.


"Hades, I am waiting in your bedroom. We have something important to discuss," Persephone's voice could be heard throughout the mansion.

Hades entered the bedroom being called by Persephone. It sounded urgent and he did not want to upset her.

What he saw when shocked him. Both Athena and Persephone were laying on a bed naked waiting for him.

He may have been dense, but he was not stupid. He actually was expecting to consummate his weddings.

Persephone leapt from the bed surprising him and kissed him vigorously with her tongue. Athena decided to join in on the action.

Since Persephone took the first initiative, Athena felt she needed to counter her. She placed Hades's hands onto her plentiful breasts. She could tell he was excited by the way his cock started to harden, threatening to burst from his pants.

"It seems you found something you like since you are touching me let me return the favour," as Athena says this she pulls down Hades' pants to look at his magnificent member.

"Wow, I didn't expect it to be this big," it was Persephone who was shocked at the size.

Athena took advantage of Persephone's naivety and kneeled down and started to stroke his member.

"Athena, that feels so good," hearing the response from Hades, Athena decided to lick his member and put it in her mouth.

"No fair, I thought we would take turns," seeing the goddess of wisdom try to take her husband's entire cock down her throat, Persephone decided to kneel down and try it as well. Both fighting for his dick, the only one winning was Hades.

"I am coming," the pleasure was too great and Hades came in Athena's mouth. Persephone wanted a taste and started to kiss Athena.

"I think its time I consummate this marriage don't you think," Hades now excited by this newfound experience and wanted more. He finally understood why the other gods were so attracted to sex.

Picking up both his wives and throwing them on his bed he suddenly found it hard to choose first.

Persephone decided she did not want to take a chance and thought of a way to seduce him.

"Hey Hades, how about you take my virginity first?" Persephone decided to put on a show for him, rubbing her pussy and showing how wet she is to him moaning in pleasure. Licking her juices enticing him to move to her.

"Well my love, if you want it so bad," Hades decided he would take her virginity first. Lining up his 11-inch member with her pussy, with one big thrust, and a delightful yelp, making the woman known as Kore his woman, no longer the once innocent maiden.

He started to pump her hard, cupping and sucking on her breasts. Athena decided to show him her pussy.

"I think its time you return the favour from earlier. Can you get a taste of mine, dear husband?" Athena eagerly awaited for Hades.

Hades seeing this as an opportunity to taste the delicious fruit decided to have some fun. He transformed his tongue into a snake forked tongue and licked deep inside her, causing her to moan.

"Mmmnn! Hades, it feels AAHH! So good!!" Persephone came for the first time in her life, with hades pumping a load into her straight after. Hades was not done though and decided to turn to Athena withdrawing his tongue and instead, replacing it with his still incredibly hard cock.

He started to lick Persephone while doing so, causing her to orgasm again almost instantly.

"Oh oh oh oh, OHHH!" Athena came right away.

Hades came on top of them. But this didn't end there.

They went at each other for another month before they exited his bedroom.


That was probably the greatest experience of my life.

"It sure was, he is way better than Zeus," my mother spoke to me in my head. Oh my gosh, I completely forgot she could hear my thoughts. It is so embarrassing to hear that my mom experienced what I felt. I completely forgot about her in my head.

I later told Hades about how my mother was inside my body and how she did it to hide from Zeus. Hades agreed to let her stay in the END and I finally let her have her freedom. Hopefully, that was the only time she would do this.

I am so happy that Athena had finally got married, I felt she finally found her place in the world. She then did it with him. I cannot believe how good his tongue felt. Zeus had never even tried that with me. I wish I had a man like that in my life.

After Athena released me from her body, she lectured me about her private life and how I should have told her I was spying on her. Not that I could feel and see everything she did. Honestly, I was just bored and wanted some action, and Hades having sex with Persephone and my daughter was definitely the excitement I'd been looking for. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous of my daughter for all the fun she had.


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