Mushoku Tensei -Pax Shirone
2 Path towards Survival
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Mushoku Tensei -Pax Shirone
Author :Earthx
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2 Path towards Survival

Part 1

It's been one year since I have lived as a baby since I suddenly reincarnated.

Nothing came to mind of how I ended up in this state but after a year I already accepted it.

The language spoken doesn't seem to be any of the great super powers.

It took eight months for me to understand parts of their speech from what I've deciphered so far is that I'm royalty the 7th Prince Pax of the Shirone kingdom.

The name and the kingdom reminded me of the light novel have read a few years back and recently reread again before I arrived in my present state.

Must be a coincidence, right?

Part 2

I'm in the world of a light novel [Mushoku Tensei].

I had a bad feeling about my so-called reincarnation and then the familiar fantasy lingo.

Reality dawned when I heard news of a certain prince ripped my new born brother's head off from the gossip of the maids.

There was only one person in [Mushoku Tensei] that ripped his baby brother's head off 'Zanoba' the 3rd prince my brother.

This world is dominated by force the evidence is the fact that there is the [7 Seven Great World Powers]

How am I going to survive in a god vs. god fighting world?

Part 3

Age 1.5

I can finally understand the language fluently enough for basic communication and speak properly now with my developed vocal cords and vocabulary.

I managed to get my point across to my royal maid that I want more books by showing much interest in the picture book she reads me.

Many different books where brought that let me learn the written language of humans but the book I want hasn't arrived yet.

One day a picture book about mages finally showed up since swordsman are more popular in the world till Rudeus brought the advantages of magicians with his theories and mana recovery potions.

I constantly had my maid read the same book repeatedly even after she brought me different stories.

Listening to the same damn book about a mage shooting a fire ball at a bear was making me get dementia, but hard work pays off.

The maid piqued at how interested I am with mages on a whim brought the book [Guide to Magic].

Yes, I started cheering and startled the maid.

Calming myself, I had her read me the guide.

Part 4

Night time

Being on the lookout, coast clear.

I started chanting the elementary magic rock bullet having fully committed the chat to memory in case the maid might take the book back.

That's okay too all I need is one spell to open the branch of earth magic to me.

Feeling a blood flow like energy leaving my body through my right hand that I am casting the spell through a rock appeared.

Perfect, once the first spell is cast then I can use voiceless incantation.

As I predicted I succeeded on my first try since I know all the theories of magic that Rudeus developed in the light novel my understanding of magic is already higher than 99% of the inhabitants.

Magic, the only path and possibility of my survival in this world.
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    《Mushoku Tensei -Pax Shirone》