My Beautiful Commander
4 Surrounded 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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4 Surrounded 2

The man immediately put her down and helped her to stand up straight. Xia Lian felt the world spin due to the sudden movement. It took some time for her to get her head straight.

"Stay behind me". The man stood in front of her and pulled out a sword from his waist. He clearly noticed that the girl cannot defend herself, so he took it upon himself to protect her. Xia Lian was really surprised as she did not expect that he would shield her, despite the tough situation.

'How can a he take down twenty men? He is not a superman..' Xia Lian frowned sub-consciously and moved to stand beside him in spite of her heavy injuries. Her conscience would not allow her to take refugee behind a man who is outnumbered by his enemies.

At that moment about twenty men in black robes surrounded them. All of them black masks covering their faces but their eyes had a killing intent which made Xia Lian angry. She was truly disappointed that the father of this body would to go such lengths to dispose them off. Her disappointment soon turned into resentment.

" Hand over the kids to us and scram.." one of the men in black spoke in a terrifyingly cold voice with his gaze directed at the veiled man.

" Are these the men who played hide and seek with you?" the man did not pay any attention to the shouting clown before him and instead looked at the girl who was calmly assessing the situation before her.

" Yes.. I think they are bored and now I don't mind playing with them" Xia Lian smirked coolly as she felt herself itching to tear these guys off into shreds. May be then her father would think twice before plotting against her in future. She was seriously considering this thought.

On seeing these two ignoring them and chatting freely the man who spoke high and mighty earlier felt as if he was the third wheel there. Needless to say, he was obviously angered by their attitude. He tried to be polite with the veiled man, but it seems that he doesn't know what is good for him. So, he was ready to teach a lesson to him and kill the girl and the kid before his eyes so that he will realise what his mistake was.

" Humph.. you can't even distinguish good from bad. We are here under the orders of prime minister Xia. Don't go against those in power or your whole family will be executed. I'm giving you a last chance, leave them to us and get lost." the man in the black robes felt that this would pose as an enough threat and he was sure that the veiled man would now be scared witless. He was even imagining the man begging him for mercy.

" If you continue to act tough, don't blame us for being ruthless." he gave of a final warning and crossed his arms against his chest with an air of arrogance around him.

The man under the veil was surprised upon hearing that name. This little girl said that her father's guards are after her..

So, that prime minister Xia is ruthless even towards his own children. His lips formed into a sneer. This prime minister Xia is truly disgusting!

" I don't care who sent you."

"A small advice.. leave right now!"

" Believe me or not.. If you stay here I will kill you without mercy.." The man with the veil spoke coldly with a domineering voice. All the men surrounding them felt an invisible and heavy pressure on them and they felt too suffocated to even breathe.

The man in black who was their leader frowned ' Why do I feel that this voice and aura highly familiar?'

Xia Lian silently watched the man opposite her with a sharp and cold gaze. They had to act soon as she had to take her brother to a doctor. These men are wasting her precious time and adding to that they are spouting nonsense without attacking them. Did they think that they are in debate? Xia Lian had only one thought in her mind ' I must clear these scum from my way..'

Not looking away from the masked man opposite them, Xia Lian asked in a low voice " Do you have a dagger on you?"

" Yes, inside my outer robe on the left.." the veiled man replied almost immediately without even thinking twice as to why she asked a dagger.

Without waiting for him to finish his words, Xia Lian put her hands inside his robe and pulled out the dagger and unsheathed it.

The man froze on the spot by her sudden touch.But, he quickly calmed his thumping heart when he noticed her indifferent expression. ' Did she forget that I'm a man?' he secretly wondered. This little girl was truly different!

Xia Lian did not notice that her earlier actions were weird and that the man beside her is staring at her. She forgot that this is an ancient era and that she had to be careful when it comes to men. This is not a modern era, where one can shake hands and hug the opposite gender without any care. But, at the moment the little girl's mind was completely filled with thoughts of how to get rid of these men before her.

She completely turned fierce and domineering as she bent forward a little while positioning the dagger in her left hand. She was a left hander and she naturally felt comfortable using it. So, she held the dagger in her left hand.

Xia Lian assumed the attacking position and looked at the men surrounding them with a murderous glint in her eyes.

She looked like a fierce untamed lioness that had been provoked.

' This girl is really interesting. She clearly lacks strength but on sensing danger she changed into a whole new person.. ' the man with the veil smiled sub-consciously looking at her.

" You guys are courting death" the leader of the group growled in anger and signaled his men with his hands. Xia Lian saw all of them unsheath their swords at once. She understood that they are going to charge at them at once. It is despicable but all is fair in war and love.

" Let's trust our backs to each other." she looked at the veiled man beside her and confidently proposed her plan making the man surprised. He clearly did not expect such a brave girl by his side. She neither flinched nor cried, but she was ready to go for a kill even in such terrible condition.

" Alright.." he really wanted to see her skills after hearing her calm voice in such a dangerous situation. He wanted to see if she is all talk or if she is really skilled.

Immediately when the men in black moved, both of them stood with their backs facing each other and charged at them at the same instant.


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