My Beautiful Commander
5 Clean sweep
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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5 Clean sweep

Both sides are tangled up in the attack. The group was of men were dead set on defeating the other party and they neither cared about their injuries nor their life. As long as they were about to kill the man and the kids, everything is worth it. So, all their attacks are ruthless as they attacked the fatal points.

However, these ruthless attacks were nothing in the eyes of the veiled man. Only he knew how many lives he claimed with his sword.

The veiled man slashed his sword at the man charging straight at him and decapitated him.He turned his head around while the corpse fell lifeless to the ground and blood rushed out of the clean slit on his neck.

The other men on his side stopped momentarily in their tracks as they did not expect this nobody to be so skilled. They thought that they would be able to take him down by a single stroke of their sword. They really did not expect that the situation would be reversed and only now they realized that the tables could be turned around within the blink of an eye.

" Hehe.. Scared now?" the veiled man chuckled. His eerie laughter made the men flinch in their tracks as they looked at the killing god before them with frightened eyes. Yes, they were clearly terrified of the man before them.

On the other side Xia Lian knew that her body is very weak and that she did not have enough strength to exchange more than two blows with each.

So, it should be a single hit- single kill. She had to use every ounce of the remaining energy in her body for these attacks. She was not sure if she could keep up till the end but she would not back off without a fight. She then tightened her grip on the dagger and stared at the big man charging towards her like a madman.

Xia Lian nimbly dodged his attack and slipped behind the man like a cat..

The man turned around and Xia Lian slashed his throat at the very same moment. The assassin did not even understand how he died in the hands of a little girl as he only felt something cold against his neck and there was only darkness left in his once colorful world.

On seeing his friend fall back lifelessly, one of the men in black growled like a beast and charged at her. But, not even a trace of fear could be found on her face. She was waiting for the opportune moment to strike down her opponent. Why waste her energy when she had the ability to deal with him with a single stroke of her dagger?

Xia Lian dashed towards him with a cold look in her eyes and bent a little to escape his grasp and stabbed him deep in his heart.

Blood flowed slowly and Xia Lian slashed the dagger side wards, cutting his heart completely. 'Never leave any room for your enemy to breathe' that was the principle behind her killings.

Only when the blood started flowing like a river did Xia Lian pull the dagger out and pushed him away. The man fell lifelessly in a pool of blood. But, not even a trace of pity could be seen in her eyes. She stared at the man with a deep and bottomless gaze before shifting her attention to the remaining men who are now staring at her with bewildered gazes.

They never thought that this weak and frail girl will be the end of them.

The number of black men on both sides started decreasing rapidly.

The veiled man killed six of them and what scared them the most was that the little girl killed about five of them and is now charging towards two men at the same time.

One of the men charged towards the veiled man's back to attack him stealthily. Xia Lian noticed him and her heart turned cold. What she loathed the most is backstabbing. Battles are to fought head on and such sneak attacks are the most disgusting in her view.

She had no time to waste, so she quickly stabbed the stomach of one and kicked the groin of the other as hard as she can with the little strength remaining in the body.

Afterwards the little girl dashed towards the veiled man and pushed him away which resulted in the attack meant for him landing on the black robed man in front of him.

The assassin who planned the stealth attack was shocked to see that he killed one of his own brothers and when he remained in a daze, he felt something piercing his back..

" How does it feel like to be stabbed from back? A momentary daze will bring you mortal peril.. " a young girl's melodious voice rang beside him and he shivered involuntarily as the girl's voice sounded like a call from hell.

At the next moment, Xia Lian stabbed an acupuncture point on his neck and he fell on to the ground breathing his last..

' Acupuncture can either save or kill you' Xia Lian smirked in her heart.

She then turned to help the young man but she noticed that he was staring at her. Xia Lian looked around her only to find that he killed the remaining ones.. Whoa! This man was truly skilled and she was worried for nothing! Even if she left him on his own, she was sure that he would have dealt with the situation without much difficulty.

" Sir, your sword skills are amazing." Xia Lian felt that this man before her is not simple and she is truly impressed that he is able to take down seven men in such a short span of time. So, she sincerely praised him.

The man smiled on hearing her sincere praise " Young lady, your skills really surprised me. I didn't expect a weak girl like you to have such good skills."

Xia Lian smiled mysteriously on hearing his direct words and she neither thanked him nor refused his praise.

On seeing her smile like 'It's natural for me to have such skills', the young man felt that he truly met a weird but interesting girl this time.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》