My Beautiful Commander
10 If anything happens to them, you will die
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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10 If anything happens to them, you will die

" Immediately invite him in" Xia Jiang recovered his senses and shouted at the guard.

The terrified guard quickly ran away and after a some time passed he returned with a man dressed in green robes and golden mask.

" Prime minister Xia" the man with the mask spoke coldly.

" This esteemed sir, we are graced with your presence today." Xia Jiang cupped his hands and spoke respectfully.

" Humph.. I came here on the orders of our master." the man snorted. Xia Jiang gulped nervously on hearing his words, a bead of sweat slowly forming on his forehead.

" If any harm falls upon Xia Lian or her brother, you will die." Xia Jiang froze on hearing his words.

" These are our master's words."

' What is happening here? How did the sacred order get involved with my plan?' Xia Jiang's mind started thinking erratically.

On the other side, Lin Rong is stunned. ' Are they not dead? How come their luck is so good. Even the sacred order is protecting them.' Thinking till here, Lin Rong's face turned black.

" Who are you to interfere with our family matters?" Lin Rong shouted like a mad woman.

After killing that bitch Hua Ming Yu, she thought to get rid of these eyesores. She planned to acquire all the shops of Hua Ming Yu in her name after killing them.

If these bastards are left alive, they will surely come back asking for their mother's dowry.

Even if they failed to kill them in this attempt, she was sure that they will not be able to escape from their future schemes.

But now if sacred order gets involved, the situation is different.

How can she carry her plans out peacefully, if they get involved.

No! she absolutely cannot allow this.

" That bitch Xia Lian and that bastard Xia Ming cannot live. Why are you protecting them?"

The man did not even glance at her as if even looking at her will stain his eyes.

" Prime minister Xia did you hear what I said?"

" Y.. Yes" Xia Jiang stuttered as he clearly did not understand how those bastards are related to the sacred order.

If he had known earlier, he wound not have planned to kill them from the start. Xia Jiang was truly feeling regretful.

All this happened because of that woman Lin Rong.

Yes! It's all her fault.

Xia Jiang glared hatefully at her. On seeing his hateful gaze, Lin Rong shivered and slumped to the ground.

No! How did it turn out like this?

I planned everything carefully. That Hua Ming Yu did not have any sort of relation with the sacred order.

Then how did those two bastards get to know them and even enjoy their protection?

Lin Rong trembled all over while gritting her teeth.

" Minister Xia, I hope you and your concubine will stay in your limits."

" Do not provoke our master again. You cannot afford to pay the price." after saying this the man turned to leave.

Lin Rong felt crazy after hearing the word ' concubine'.

How dare he call her a concubine when she is the head wife?

In a fit of rage, she got up and ran towards the man and blocked his path.The man felt irritated on seeing that face filled with malice and pure hatred.

He was about to say something when the mad woman in front of him uttered something outrageous...


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