My Beautiful Commander
11 Eager to die
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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11 Eager to die

" Did your master fancy that bitch Xia Lian?Or did she seduce him?"

Xia Jiang already cursed her over a thousand times in his mind. 'Did she want to exterminate the whole family?' he spat coldly in his heart while his anger grew even more.

The man narrowed his eyes dangerously behind his mask and smiled coldly while a murderous air rose around him"Lin Rong, are you eager to die?"

As soon as the sentence ended he raised his hand and slapped her.

For others it might seem a normal slap, but only he knew that he used all of his strength in that slap. A high level martial artist using his full strength can only be described with one word.. Terrific..

Lin Rong fell on the floor and cried loudly as the pain assaulted her..

She touched her cheek and felt that that it is swollen. After some seconds past she realised that three of her teeth were lying on the ground right in front of her.

On seeing her teeth on the ground, Lin Rong started wailing loudly.

"The next time I hear you speak something bad about our master, I will not stop with a slap."

" Minister Xia, please control this ugly woman. If our sacred order comes to know that your family is speaking ill of our master, your Xia family will meet its end and there will be no times for regret."

The man thought of something and looked at Xia Jiang with a mocking expression " Our sacred order decided to protect Xia Lian and her brother. If they request our help in future, we will support them in any situation."

" So, I advise minister Xia to think twice before doing something foolish again."

Xia Jiang stared at him with widened eyes and a face filled with disbelief. The masked man felt satisfied on seeing his reaction, so he flicked his sleeves and left the manor with a smile.

Xia Jiang slumped to the ground as he was not able to believe what happened before.

He had expected to hear the news about the death of those two, instead he made a enemy out of the Sacred order.

" Husband, are you letting go of this matter?" Lin Rong shouted like a crazy woman. Xia Jiang snapped out of his daze after hearing her words.

Did this woman not want to live anymore? Or did she simply want to kill him as well?

Speaking such words even after listening to that man's speech and after getting slapped by him, Xia Jiang truly did not understand this woman before him.

Once he thought that she is an intelligent woman who adapts according to the situations.

But, today he understood that he is a fool for over-estimating her.

This woman is completely blinded by rage and hatred. She is not able to see the bigger picture.. Xia Jiang felt truly disappointed.

Thinking about the outrageous words she said before, Xia Jiang felt anger surging forth and clenched his fists tightly.

He really wanted to strangle her neck but he gritted his teeth and finally spoke " Lin Rong, we cannot offend the Sacred order. We are already marked by them. If we offend them again, our Xia family name will cease to exist."

" So, don't do anything rash. We have to think about the current situation clearly and choose the best way out. Do you understand what I am saying?" Xia Jiang spoke in a menacing voice.

Lin Rong was stunned on hearing his words and only after a minute she understood the deeper meaning.


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