My Beautiful Commander
17 His first and last disciple
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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17 His first and last disciple

In her past life Xia Lian worked as a doctor before joining the military. Xia Lian became proficient in diagnosis and treatment of diseases thanks to her many years of working as a doctor. And the symptoms listed by Wu Gong are related to migraine, pox, flu which are a piece of cake for modern medicine.

But in Wu Gong's eyes she appeared like a monster. Such a fast and accurate diagnosis scared the wits out of him. He found a gem ah!

Only the polishing was still needed to make it shine..

But Wu Gong wanted to speak with her clearly before accepting her. After all his name was a taboo in all the major cities. That's why he settled in such a peaceful and remote village.

Xia Lian stopped at the last list of symptoms. Ear blockage and pain.. Ear wax problem. But how exactly was she supposed to find ear-drops in this era. So Xia Lian thought for a while and finally left the space blank.

Xia Lian handed the paper to the old man and looked at him confidently.

Looking at her calm expression, Wu Gong sighed " Girl, I am more than happy to accept you as my disciple. But I need to tell you something. You can decide if you want to be my disciple or not after listening to me."

Xia Lian stared at the grandpa Wu and nodded. After seeing that she nodded Wu Gong looked into the distance as if remembering something and spoke slowly.

" In our Qilin empire there is a medical union for advanced research. Our emperor started it with an idea of developing the medical field. My friend Li Shen and I lead the research unit."

" At that time I got the idea of joining the cuts and wounds by sewing. I first experimented it on animals and it was a success. So I taught my friend what I knew about the surgery in the hope of developing it further."

Speaking till here Wu Gong displayed a hurt expression on his face " But, I never expected that he would betray me and steal my work. He also framed me for killing someone using a wrong surgical method. After that my glorious career and fame all came to an end."

Wu Gong looked at Xia Lian and said with a self-mocking smile " Girl, my name is the most cursed name in this country. If they know that you are my disciple, they will curse you in the same way. So, do you still want to be my disciple?"

Xia Lian looked at the old man with a dumb-founded expression " Grandpa Wu, what does that have to do with me? Anyone in their right mind can tell that you are not a person who would kill. I believe that you did no wrong."

" Also, I don't care about what others think or speak about me. I always follow my heart. I believe that you are innocent because my heart is saying so."

" So, grandpa Wu.. can I call you master now?" Xia Lian raised her eyebrows with a proud smile.

Wu Gong looked at this girl with a complicated gaze. His only friend deceived him and no one supported him during his difficult times. But this brat said that she believed him without any doubt.

He truly did not understand the ways of fate..

He never accepted a disciple before. After that incident everyone started to alienate from him, so the thought of accepting a disciple was out of question at that time. Now this talented little girl was looking at him with large eyes.. Wu Gong felt that this little girl behaved very cute and his lips curved gently.

" Alright.."

Xia Lian opened her mouth into an 'O' before breaking into a huge grin.

She happily smiled and jumped up excitedly.

Looking at her antics Wu Gong started laughing. Xia Lian felt embarrassed and a bit shy but she was really happy ah! She is was so incredible happy that she forgot to maintain her image..

Xia Lian kowtowed and looked at the elderly smiling gently.

" Master.. "

Wu Gong felt an indescribable emotion in his heart after hearing her call him master. He tried to calm his emotions and looked at her seriously " Girl, you are my first and the last disciple."

Xia Lian is stunned after hearing that this old man never had any disciples before her and a proud feeling arouse from within.

' Sure enough.. most geniuses are eccentric..' she sighed in her heart.


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