My Beautiful Commander
19 Meeting future sister-in-law
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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19 Meeting future sister-in-law

" Young lord it's the first time we used our sacred order for protecting a little girl.. They even insisted that master took a fancy to that girl.." a man dressed in green robes and golden mask sighed.

" Oh..." a young boy dressed in flamboyant red robes smirked. The smirk brought a devilish allure to the teenagers handsome features. The red robes did not seem out of the place as they brought out the wildness and charming free soul of the boy.

The man in green sighed on seeing his young lord's smile. He finally understood why all the young ladies flocked around him..

" Xia family is really something. They dared to insult elder brother.." the teenager seemed amused.

He remained silent after that, sipping his tea gracefully.

After a while, the teen in red suddenly spoke " Ah Jin.. But what they talked about may not be false entirely.."

" Young lord.." Ah Jin was terrified. What is this young lord thinking suddenly...

" Ah Jin, did you ever see my elder brother doing such an outrageous thing for a girl?" the teenager countered him with a question.

Even Ah Jin was surprised by their master's actions. So he did not find any reason to refute the young lord's words while only silently shaking his head..

The teenager felt a sense of triumph and continued.

" Even I have a faint feeling that my stone hearted elder brother finally took a liking to a girl. I am really interested in knowing what kind of creature could make my brother send his chief directly to me."

" Ah Jin, do you know where my elder brother hid those two siblings?"

Ah Jin did not think much about it and replied almost immediately " Young lord, master left them at old man Wu Gong's house."

On hearing Ah Jin's answer, the teenager suddenly stood up and covered his face with a golden mask.

" Ah Jin, prepare my horse. Take me to that place."

" Eh.. Young lord.. why so sudden..." Ah Jin stuttered.

" Stupid man.. of course it's to meet my future sister-in-law.." the teenager scoffed disdainfully.

" Young lord.. if master knows.."

The young boy in red interrupted his words and patted Ah Jin's shoulders " So what if he knows.. I know my elder brother well. Don't worry.. I can manage him."

Ah Jin shrugged helplessly and went out to prepare the horses.

Meanwhile the teenager paced across the room nervously speaking to himself " Jun Moyin.. think hard.. It's your first meeting with future sister-in-law. What would be a decent gift.."

" Humph.. for brother's wife naturally I should gift the best.." Jun Moyin remembered his trump card and laughed proudly.

' Naturally, my brother's wife deserves the best ah!' he smiled foolishly.

When Ah Jin returned to the room to inform the young lord he saw the young lord smiling foolishly and his face darkened.

" Young lord.." Ah Jin gritted his teeth.

" Cough.." Jun Moyin returned to his previous devilish expression. He smirked at Ah Jin " Let's go.."

Ah Jin suddenly felt amazed on how this seventeen year old boy can change his expressions in an instant. But after remembering his master's shamelessness Ah Jin consoled himself. Naturally birds of a feather flock together.. Master and young lord, though not related by blood, they are very similar temper and a deeper relationship than blood related brothers.. Even their excellent acting skills and black-bellied nature are very similar.

Both of them mounted their horses and left the mansion.

On the other hand Xia Lian had no idea that she became a sister-in-law figure for a brat..

Xia Lian spent most of her time studying the medicine books. As it was her first time learning about herbs she was deeply invested into learning earnestly. Most of the time she followed her master like a tail showering him with her questions.

Wu Gong naturally was very happy to clarify her questions. Xia Lian's questions were mostly in the form of:

" Master, look at this combination.. I think this is effective for fever.."

" Master, look at this.. I can say that this poison will increase the pain to a hundred fold.."

Wu Gong could only shake his head helplessly and test all her ideas. He also felt very interested in her combinations and gave her suggestions on how to improve them further.

On the other hand, Xia Ming sat on the bed observing his busy sister. He felt bored and started to sketch on the paper in front of him.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》