My Beautiful Commander
20 Two fluffy bunnies
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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20 Two fluffy bunnies

Xia Lian entered the hut with a bunch of herbs in her hands. She started grinding the herbs with a stone. Though the process is time consuming and requires a lot of manual effort Xia Lian didn't have a particular bad feeling about it.

Xia Lian is clearly excited about the end results.. And she never believed that one can achieve excellent results without the required work and time. So she started to grind the herbs patiently with a moderate force.

" Sis.." a cute voice interrupted her thoughts..

Xia Lian turned and tilted her head to look at the boy handing her a paper. After taking the paper from his arms curiously she found a sketch of a girl cooking. Though the art is a bit poor, she can tell that this little dumpling drew her image while cooking.

So no matter how bad the picture was she really liked it. Xia Lian looked at the boy's hands and face which are smeared with color and felt fuzzy. She looked at his expectant eyes and smiled " Ming, I really like it. I didn't know that my cooking can make you draw ah!.."

Xia Ming blushed and smiled. Xia Lian clutched her heart ' My god.. this little brat's cute smile is a fatal attack for all the ladies.. Not good..'. Xia Lian slowly calmed her thumping heart.

She spoke a few words of encouragement and resumed her work. Xia Ming hopped excitedly towards his bed and started to draw another picture..

By evening Xia Lian completed her new paste and went to her master excitedly. After getting his acknowledgement Xia Lian returned to her hut.

The petite girl sat on the bed and started to think deeply. Xia Lian wondered why her days were so peaceful. She really felt weird.. she assumed that her father's men would be looking for them.. And it was really not difficult to find their hiding place..

It's been a week but everything was quite. Xia Lian assumed that they would find them in the next couple of days and brushed off her thoughts.

Xia Lian looked at her brother who is busily drawing some weird things and chuckled. She smiled at him and taught him how to hold a brush and how to draw some basic figures like a tree, a hut...

Xia Ming nodded like a pecking hen and started to draw all the figures his sister taught him. Xia Lian looked at his excited appearance and sighed.

The little girl pondered for a while and took out the white apron from the box. In the past few days Xia Lian bought a few pairs of common looking robes for her and her brother. She also bought some fur material and gave them to a tailor to stitch them according to a particular design and had to collect them after a few days.

After wearing the apron and washing her hands Xia Lian took out a bowl and added some flour, fresh milk, a pinch of salt and some mashed banana paste. Afterwards she mixed everything well and took out the pan.

At this moment, grandpa Wu's voice rang " Little Lian, someone is here to meet you."

Xia Lian's heart dropped to the bottom and cursed in her heart ' What a timing...'

" Don't worry little girl.. these guys are good. They won't harm you."

Xia Lian almost choked on her breath. This master of hers is so awesome ah! Xia Lian sighed and washed her hands.

Xia Lian forgot to remove her apron and came out of the hut. She saw two men..

One dressed in green and the other in red.. One seemed a little young and the other a bit old. A weird combination, she must admit..

The two men are also observing her while she was observing them.

" Sis.. who came to see us?"

The two men followed the voice and saw a young kid about three years old step out of the house and stand beside the girl calmly. Xia Lian shrugged her shoulders and scanned the two men.

Jun Moyin was stunned silly by seeing the girl. Though she was young he can tell that she was quite stunning and she will become a woman of great beauty later. But, right at that moment, in that apron she looked like a cute bunny ah!

Then again, he saw the kid beside her. He looked so cute that only if his cheeks had more meat, he would have kidnapped him without second thoughts...

Jun Moyin looked at the pair of brother and sister.. he suddenly felt that they are so cute to look at...

One with colours on his face and the girl with a little flour on her face..

' Two fluffy bunnies..' he thought and calmed himself to restrain himself from pinching their cheeks..

'His big brother liked fluffy bunnies ah!' Jun Moyin felt that he discovered a new side of his ever acting cold brother.


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