My Beautiful Commander
21 We will be your suppor
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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21 We will be your suppor

" Ahem.." Xia Lian cleared her throat bringing the two men before her out of their daze.

" Sister-in-..." Ah Jin quickly punched Jun Moyin on his back to correct his loose mouth. If his master knew that the young lord addressed this young girl as 'sister-in-law' in his presence, he is clearly done for.

Luckily Jun Moyin came back to his senses as he spoke seriously " Lady Xia, It's a pleasure to meet you."

Xia Lian raised her brows. Though she did not hear clearly what he called her, she is impressed by his acting abilities. Too bad he can't fool her with his amateur skills..

If Jun Moyin and Ah Jin knew what she is thinking, they would undoubtedly puke blood..

Xia Lian is sure that they did not have any evil intentions.. She found the young boy in eye-catching red particularly interesting. But she remained vigilant of them. Better safe than sorry!

" Excuse me for my ignorance, but I do not know you." Xia Lian bowed and said in a respectful voice.

Jun Moyin nodded and explained to her all the events that took place in Xia residence after her absence. Of course, he highlighted the sacred order and eliminated the details about his big brother..

He clearly understood that his brother wanted to remain in the shadows as he did not reveal his identity to the girl. So he helped his brother out big time ah!

Xia Lian now understood why her life remained so peaceful. So it was because of the sacred order ah..

Hmm.. though they helped her, they did not say the reason for their assistance. It seemed that they want to conceal the matter. But it didn't matter to Xia Lian. Everyone has their own secrets. As long as they do not harm her, it does not matter to her.

But wait.. this fellow mentioned something along the lines of them pledging to protect her.. Xia Lian was clearly baffled. She could not bring herself to accept this extremely good treatment.

So she rubbed her nose " These two sirs, please don't take any offense in what I am going to say. I am really grateful to you for helping me but something serious as a pledge should not be taken for someone insignificant as me."

" I don't know why your sacred order pledged to me but I can't bring myself to accept this. So I hope you forgive me."

Jun Moyin was surprised on hearing her words and smiled. ' How can the girl selected by big brother be normal..' He was clearly happy in his heart that this girl was humble and did not get carried away.

So he resolutely decided to help this girl. He shook his head and stepped forward to stand before the girl. Jun Moyin was about 5feet 8inches tall so Xia Lian had to her head to look at him.

While looking at that pair of bright eyes Jun Moyin sighed ' My sister-in-law is too cute ah! I must warn my brother.. Otherwise, she will be snatched away..'

" Lady Xia, we the sacred order do not go back on our words. Also, you are not a person who will use others as you wish for personal interest. For a young lady and a small kid to stay alone it is quite dangerous without someone to support you."

" Please allow our sacred order to be your strength in times of your need. I promise you that we will not interfere with your life, unless you request our help."

After saying this Jun Moyin handed over a token to her. It was made of gold and it had a pair of winds crafted on it but the small green jade embedded into it piqued her interest.

" Please accept this token. It will help you in many situations." Jun Moyin explained in which situation she can make use of that token. Xia Lian was clearly surprised and was taken aback not knowing how to reply.

She took a deep breath and accepted the token. She knew that she needed a support to rely on. But she did not expect for such a powerful force to support her. She clearly did not have anything and was powerless. But they were clearly supporting her.

In response she bowed deeply to the young man before her " This Sir I don't know how to thank you. But I will surely repay this goodwill of yours in the future." Xia Lian looked into his eyes and declared " Also I promise that I will not use the sacred order in a way that will bring shame upon you."
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    《My Beautiful Commander》