My Beautiful Commander
22 A celebration of friendship
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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22 A celebration of friendship

Jun Moyin looked at her clear and determined eyes and smiled " Lady Xia, no need to be so polite. After all, we are friends."

Xia Lian observed the young man before her with amusement. Clearly this is their first meeting and the relationship already reached the level of a friend.

Jun Moyin smiled sheepishly on seeing his sister-in-law's amused face " Sis Xia, how about we become friends?"

Xia Lian was stunned for a moment before smiling brightly. She liked this young lad.. He is straightforward and though his acting skills are bit poor she was intrigued by his easy going attitude.

So she extended her hand " Xia Lian."

Jun Moyin froze for a moment before shaking his hand with her " Jun Moyin."

On the side lines Ah Jin was stunned as his young lord disclosed his real name. He could not help but break into cold sweat! Why is this young lord so defenseless before this young girl. He knew that his young lord always flirted with girls but there was never any friendship between him or any female living being. So all that was left was genuine shock.

Just what kind of wondrous attraction was there that made both master and young lord to be drawn to her..

" Sis Xia, no one outside the secret order knows my real name. So, keep it a secret for me." Jun Moyin winked at her mischievously.

' This brat..' Xia Lian scoffed in heart, but smiled at him helplessly " Alright.. It's a secret between us.."

" Sis Xia, take care. I will be leaving now." Jun Moyin smiled.

Xia Lian looked at her apron and suddenly remembered something, so she shook her head " No don't go yet. How about you both stay for a while. I am cooking something delicious. Take it as a celebration of our friendship."

Jun Moyin was pleasantly surprised and grinned widely.. " Alright sis Xia..". Ah Jin smiled helplessly on seeing his young master's sheepish smirk.

Xia Lian smiled and brought out a few chairs and a table while arranging them outside of their hut. The scenery was quite pleasant and the fresh smell of the village air made the place quite good for their small celebration.

Xia Lian busied herself in making extra batter and a huge number of her special pancakes.

Afterwards she took out some potatoes and sliced them into small pieces and fired them before finishing the delicate dish with flour and spices. The last touch consisted of a fine sauce out of mint leaves to act as a dip for her potato balls. The dishes were rounded out by some fresh lemonade.

A sweet and spicy aroma filled the air and Jun Moyin licked his lips.

The arrangement of the meal was quickly finished. She placed a few pancakes on each plate and she poured honey on them. Afterwards she sliced the pancakes into small pieces to make it easy to eat with chopsticks.

Aunt Qian and her master were swiftly invited to begin the feast.

" Master, aunt Qian.. let's eat together. I got a new friend." Xia Lian smiled happily. Wu Gong had no objection as he knew that these men are not having any bad intentions towards his little disciple. In the future, even if they have any ill-intentions, he will wipe them off so he really did not mind this new friendship.

" Moyin, eat up.." Xia Lian then looked at Ah Jin " Sir, please make yourself comfortable."


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