My Beautiful Commander
23 More like a youtube chef
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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23 More like a youtube chef

Jun Moyin was ready to dig in and he was waiting for these words so he started to eat immediately. He liked the sweet taste very much and and literally devoured his pancakes.

Aunt Qian was also impressed by this dish and clearly praised the little chef " This girl.. every time you make something new.. Like a real chef.."

Xia Lian choked on her breath while preparing to feed her little brother " Aunt you are over praising me..don't be a meanie!"

' What chef.. clearly all the credit goes to youtube ah! hmm.. more like I am an you tube chef now' Xia Lian sighed in her heart. She never knew that her previous hobby of watching cooking videos will someday grant her such a surprising result.

Xia Lian felt that she was clearly lucky so she fed her little brother with extra vigour. Xia Ming silently ate everything without ever wondering how his sister managed to create such delicious food. He is clearly enjoying his princely treatment while being fed carefully.

" Sis Xia, what did you add in this? I am getting a fruity taste." Jun Moyin looked like a squirrel with his puffed cheeks.

Xia Lian felt that this Jun Moyin is very adorable and sighed " I added bananas and milk to the flour with a little oil. Afterwards you have to fry them in the pan lightly."

Jun Moyin nodded and after eating the potato balls he excitedly asked for the recipe and felt satisfied after Xia Lian explained everything clearly to him. At that moment his thoughts were obvious ' If I want to enjoy sis Xia's cooking in the future I should make that big brother of mine act more like a man so that this treasure can become my sister-in-law quickly..'

If Xia Lian knew his thoughts she would have kicked him away without any second thoughts. On this day she would never have imagined that she made a friend that was more like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Even so she fiercely protected him against all the odds in future making a certain big wolf very jealous of his own brother ah.

Jun Moyin saw Xia Lian feeding her little brother. She started to eat only after making sure that he had his full. He felt happy that his brother found a really good woman for himself.

But his face darkened immediately on the thought of his elder brother. A dude only good at war, but clueless when it comes to matters of women or love. After pondering for a moment he sneaked another look at his sister-in-law. Even though she is friendly he could tell that she was not a normal woman who would fall for easy and cheap tricks.

Jun Moyin suddenly smirked. His sister-in-law is not an easy woman and this will result in so much fun ah!

The miraculous image of his big brother prostrating before him for his advice in love.. Imagining his exciting future of making his almighty big brother kneel before him made Jun Moyin savor the taste of honey in his heart.

How could he imagine that his delusional thoughts were clearly visible on his face at that moment. Looking at the smug smile on his face Xia Lian suppressed her laugh with great difficulty while her cheeks turned into a bright shade of red. After suppressing her feeling for a moment finally laughed out loud " Hahaha.. Moyin.. whatever you are planning.. it certainly won't come true.. hahaha.."

Jun Moyin felt like he was suddenly drenched with a bucket of cold water but after seeing his sister-in-law laugh he happily shrugged off her words and smiled helplessly.

But the feeling of happiness was suddenly replaced by realisation. ' Moyin..' his sister-in-law called him Moyin ah! Jun Moyin felt very happy that he finally made a new friend.

His lips formed an evil smirk ' It's time to visit my elder bro. Let's see if that statue has an emotion called jealousy or not hehe'

After bidding farewell to Xia Lian and her little family Jun Moyin returned to his mansion with a head full of schemes on how to make his big brother jealous and full of despair.

Meanwhile Xia Lian cleaned up everything and found herself looking at the dense vegetation opposite her house. She clearly sensed someone watching them. Her observers left the trees after these two men left but she felt that they held back on seeing these two men out of fear of being discovered. This was the only reason why she accepted the token but she called Jun Moyin as friend because she clearly liked him.

Xia Lian smirked after imagining the reaction of a certain someone after hearing the spies report.


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