My Beautiful Commander
28 Banter 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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28 Banter 1

" What kind of tunnels?" Mu Chen asked again.

However, Geng Su shook his head "I only know that they are building a large number of tunnels."

"How many more months do they need to prepare for their invasion?"

" Within two or three months"

Mu Chen asked a series of questions but he was not able to get any answers from the man.

' He Shun, you are really very secretive this time. Seems that you are determined to win at any cost.' Mu Chen smiled while leaving the cell.

" You can dispose him off now." Mu Chen's voice trailed in the cell and the soldiers responsible for execution stepped forward and with a simple hit on his neck the fate of a once famous general was sealed.

" Tunnels??" Xuan Li Wei knitted his brows.

" Yes and we have a deadline of two months to locate and block all the tunnels. He Shun is really careful this time. " Mu Chen seriously spoke.

Xuan Li Wei nodded and looked at the mask which caused him to snort " Do you need to wear such an ugly mask?"

" Seriously you do not have any taste.." Mu Chen suddenly remembered something and dragged Xuan Li Wei into the general's tent.

" What is it now?" Xuan Li Wei brushed his hands off from him.

" I heard something interesting.." Mu Chen removed his mask and his eyes are still covered with a veil.

" You can remove that veil.. You know that your eyes cannot affect me."

" It seems that I am getting a younger sister.." Mu Chen removed his veil and his golden eyes shined with mirth.

" Younger sister?"

" Yup.." Mu Chen seriously nodded " I heard that you took a liking to a girl. Obviously your girl will be my younger sister."

Xuan Li Wei's mouth twitched " Who started these baseless rumors?"

" Rumors? " Mu Chen laughed at his wooden block friend. He had never seen this man paying attention to any girl till now. After saving that girl he even took measures to protect her. 'You can't fool me ah!' Mu Chen smirked in his heart.

" Xuan Li Wei don't tell me you don't care about her. You even used the sacred order for her."

Xuan Li Wei did not say anything.

Of course he cared for her. All these days she was on his mind most of the time. Is she alright or not? Even he is not able to understand why he is so infatuated about a girl almost 7 or 8 years younger than him..

' She's just a little girl.. ' Xuan Li Wei sighed in his heart.

" I heard that she is a bit young. You don't have to worry about that. You can wait for her to grow up."

Xuan Li Wei: "..." Why is everyone so eager to pair me with a little girl..

Before Xuan Li Wei could open his mouth a soldier announced "General, master Jun Moyin is here to meet you."

Xuan Li Wei eye's twitched as he knew the only reason for this brat to appear was to cause him endless troubles so sub-consciously looked at Mu Chen only to find that he was smiling mysteriously at him.

Mu Chen covered his eyes with a veil but he was very excited. This brat came at the right moment.

' Xuan Li Wei, you are dead meat now.' Mu Chen giggled in his heart.

" Let him in." Xuan Li Wei sighed tiredly.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》