My Beautiful Commander
29 Banter 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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29 Banter 2

" Hehe.. Big bro did you miss me badly?" Jun Moyin skid into the tent and stood with one hand on his hip while covering his face with a jade fan revealing only a pair of shiny mischievous eyes.

Xuan Li Wei : "..." Dear god, why did I have such a brother..

Mu Chen : "pfft..."

" Oh, bro Mu Chen is also here.. Good.. Good.." Jun Moyin settled on the seat beside Mu Chen and looked at him with large eyes " Bro, you should help me.. "

" Oh.. tell me what is it?" Mu Chen's voice is tinged with a slight amusement as he already had a faint idea on what this brat was going to say.

" Bro, I will lead the play and you should fan the flames further.. Got it?" Jun Moyin whispered to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen controlled his laugh and nodded sincerely. He was really looking forward to see if there would be any change in the wooden block before them.

Jun Moyin cleared his throat and looked at Xuan Li Wei who was currently observing the both of them as if they were idiots.

The mischievous brat raised his eyebrows and smirked. He ignored his brother and completely turned to face Mu Chen and started his chatter..

" Bro Mu Chen I made a new friend." Jun Moyin's eyes sparkled with excitement. Mu Chen was surprised to see the genuine excitement in this kid and so he asked curiously " Oh.. Who is it?"

" Sis Xia Lian.."

Mu Chen: "..." Well done brat, first strike is quite powerful..

Xuan Li Wei: "..." Stopped his actions and froze completely on hearing a certain name.

" Bro Mu Chen, Sis Xia Lian hosted a party to celebrate our friendship and she cooked many dishes.

They were quite tasty and I ate like a man deprived of food for many years.." Jun Moyin continued whereas on the other side a certain someone's face turned into a horrible shade.

Xuan Li Wei folded his arms across his chest and gritted his teeth ' I should have gone to see her instead of this brat..'

' Or should I go now?' Xuan Li Wei shook his head and scolded himself.' How can you go whenever you want.. You have no relation with her..'

Xuan Li Wei was so engrossed in his thoughts that he did not notice the incredulous expressions on Jun Moyin's and Mu Chen's face.

" Say Moyin, how can your brother survive in the future with his over-jealousy and block headedness" Mu Chen scratched Jun Moyin's shoulder.

On the other hand Jun Moyin was celebrating in his heart.. so his brother is really attracted to his sister-in-law ah!

' kekeke.. he will slowly understand his feelings.. I can play with him as much as I like..' Thinking about the endless possibilities to tease his brother Jun Moyin smiled at Xuan Li Wei slyly " Big bro, I prepared a gift for you."

Xuan Li Wei lifted his brows and Jun Moyin clapped his hands. Ah Jin entered the tent with a basket in his hands and placed it on the table. For some reason after accomplishing his tasks he left as fast as possible hehe..

Xuan Li Wei lifted the cloth and saw a pair of snow white rabbits looking at him with big eyes.

" Jun Moyin.. What should I do with these.. Should I roast them?" Xuan Li Wei gritted his teeth. He was clearly shocked beyond belief.What happened to his little brother that caused him to become even more weird.

Jun Moyin however completely ignored Xuan Li Wei and looked at Mu Chen earnestly " Bro Mu Chen you don't know this but sis Xia Lian and her brother looked like a pair of docile bunnies so I thought that big brother liked bunnies. That's why I prepared this gift only keeping his interests in mind!"

" Oh really.. Li Wei I didn't know that you are into sweet and docile types.." Mu Chen could not remain silent anymore and laughed out loudly holding his stomach. ' This brat has gone too far.. Is he not afraid that Xuan Li Wei will place him on a chopping block?'.

At least no one else was witnessing this scene or he feared it would result in bloodshed.

Jun Moyin and Mu Chen turned their heads after hearing the sound of something breaking. The scene which unfolded before their eyes should be remembered by them for the rest of their lives.

Both of them saw Xuan Li Wei looking at them with an extremely funny expression. They saw that his hand was still in midair and the teacup that was supposed to fill it was long shattered on the ground.

Xuan Li Wei pointed his fingers at Jun Moyin and exclaimed in an incredulous voice " Who exactly did you call a docile bunny.. "

Xuan Li Wei had a hard time understanding his brother's comparison. Afterwards he composed himself but still his mouth twitched " Jun Moyin.. did you say Xia Lian is a bunny?!"


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