My Beautiful Commander
36 Emperor,but also a father
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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36 Emperor,but also a father

" You go to mother's place. I will meet up with father first." Xuan Li Wei told Jun Moyin before galloping towards the main palace.

" Fourth prince.." the head eunuch under the emperor came to receive Xuan Li Wei as soon as he heard about his arrival.

" Eunuch Hun, I need a private audience with the emperor."

" Fourth prince, his majesty is waiting for you in his study. Please follow me."

Xuan Li Wei entered the study and his lips twitched on seeing the man dressed in golden robes sleeping with his face supported by his hand. Before him a pile of documents were spread out on the table.

Xuan Li Wei did not know if he should cry or laugh at that instant. Is this man the most feared and respected ruler across the lands?

Eunuch Hun cleared his throat on seeing the ashen face of the fourth prince " My lord, fourth prince is here.."

" What.. What?!" the emperor jerked up as if he is suddenly drenched with a bucket of cold water.

' Am I a monster in his eyes..' three black lines appeared on Xuan Li Wei's forehead. Xuan Li Wei smiled helplessly and walked forward to pay respects to the emperor.

" Long live your majesty. Your subject eastern barracks general Xuan Li Wei pays respects to you."

" What majesty? Call me father?" emperor Xuan Li Wang frowned.

" Alright father, I need to discuss some things with you."

" Come and sit. Eunuch Hun, please bring the food immediately. This stupid boy came here without eating ." Xuan Li Wang looked at his son who is still in his travel clothes and shot him a disapproving glare.

" Wei'er, when are you going to get engaged?"

Xuan Li Wei : "..." What nonsense is this old man spouting first thing when I meet with him.

" What's with that look of yours? You left the capital when you were 15. Looking at you, you clearly inherited my good looks and your mother's eyes." Xuan Li Wei had a sense of pride while looking at the flawless product he produced. " Either you bring me a daughter-in-law or I will choose for you.."

Xuan Li Wang, although a man of 50 years old, his looks are on par with his fourth son. In his youth, he was known far and wide for his looks. He was popular among women.. Ah, he missed those days..

' Being young feels so good..' Xuan Li Wang thought on remembering his fun time and then looked at the wooden block son of his before him. He always wondered why his son did not inherit his romantic genes.. Xuan Li Wang sighed as he knew that this son of his vowed to marry only one woman or none at all..

" Father, first worry about the marriages of my elder brothers. I am still young to get married. I will get engaged if I find a girl to my liking."

Xuan Li Wang was surprised. What happened to this son ah?! Before, he clearly avoided marriage topics. All his letters came unanswered if he mentioned marriage in them.. Suddenly, a realization hit him and he smiled smugly at his son " Alright, take your time to please that girl. But, make sure that nobody snatches her away from you."

Xuan Li Wei rubbed his temples and buried his face in his hands with a defeated expression.. He no longer want to remain in the same room with this old man..

" Father, Azure country is preparing for a war.."

Xuan Li Wang's face lost all the previous mirth and suddenly changed into a serious expression " But, with their resources they can't afford for a war on us.. "

" They are preparing for sneak attacks. Their first target is eastern barracks. But, don't worry... I will beat them at their own game.." Xuan Li Wei assured his father.


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