My Beautiful Commander
37 A promise
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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37 A promise

Xuan Li Wei looked at his father and continued " Since, they dared to attack us, they are ready to shed their false mask of good relations with us. I have a hunch that this sneak attack is only the beginning. I am afraid that we will be facing a huge war in the next two or three years.."

" We can take action once the spies return with some news. Father, we should strengthen our defenses on the boarders. "

" Wei'er I will take care of that. You continue to train the soldiers and guard the eastern boundary. Is there anything else?"

" Nothing else, father." Xuan Li Wei shook his head.

" Wei'er, I need you to do something for me." Xuan Li Wang looked at his son.

It's Xuan Li Wei's turn to be surprised. His father is requesting instead of ordering him.. Now, that's something.

Seeing that Xuan Li Wei nodded, Xuan Li Wang handed over a scroll to him. Xuan Li Wei opened the scroll and a flash of surprise passed through his eyes. But, he quickly controlled his emotions and looked at his father.

" I need you to protect them." Xuan Li Wang looked at his son in his eyes, indicating that he was dead serious about this matter.

Xuan Li Wei did not answer immediately. Xuan Li Wang was afraid that he was not interested and he would refuse. But, what he did not know is that Xuan Li Wei is completely thinking about a different thing..

' Why is it them? Why is father so worried at them?' Xuan Li Wei furrowed his brows.

" Wei'er.." Xuan Li Wang cleared his throat awkwardly on seeing his son's frown.

" Father, they are safe.."

Now, Xuan Li Wang was stunned. He thought that he did not hear correctly. So, he asked again

" What do you mean?"

" Father, I already met Xia Lian and her brother. Don't worry, they are under the protection of my sacred order. But, why do you want to protect them?" Xuan Li Wei raised his brows and looked at his old man with suspicion. Previously, he had been thinking on why this old man had a picture of them and what he wanted. Even if the old man did not ask, he would protect them. But, what is his reason ah?

Xuan Li Wang visibly relaxed after hearing that they are in the hands of his son. He did not bother to ask him how they are acquainted. But, soon his face is replaced with melancholy as he looked through the window. " I promised someone that I would protect them."

" I owe that person my life. I have many matters to take care of and I can't give my all to protect them. That's why I am entrusting them to you." Xuan Li Wang spoke slowly but firmly.

' When did this happen?' Xuan Li Wei remained quiet. He debated in his heart if he should ask further or not. But, his curiosity won at last, so he asked " Who did you promise?"

" A friend.." Xuan Li Wang's replied bitterly and looked at his son with a tired face " Wei'er, when the time comes I will tell you more about that person. But, I want you to protect them till they can be safe on their own."

Xuan Li Wei nodded. He understood that his father did not want to speak about it, so he did not probe further.

" Also, if you meet them tell her that her mother is alive. She escaped that day and sent me this letter. Give her this letter. She will understand everything once she reads it." Xuan Li Wang handed him a letter.

Xuan Li Wei took the letter and placed it in his sleeves. He looked at his father with a complicated gaze " Father, I will leave the capital after a month. Then I will give it to her." Xuan Li Wang nodded his head. Xuan Li Wei saw the dark circles under his father's eyes and frowned.

" Father, please rest for a while. I will be taking my leave now." Xuan Li Wei bowed and left the room with many doubts in his mind.


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