My Beautiful Commander
49 Did you show them any mercy?
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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49 Did you show them any mercy?

Xia Lian did not let them worry for a long time as she shot several arrows in short intervals of time. By the time Xia Lian relaxed her bow, everyone are rolling on the ground with two arrows penetrating deep in their knees.

Xia Lian leaped from the tree and gracefully landed on the ground before them. They were so engrossed in their pain that they did not notice that a young brat is sneering at them.

Xia Lian walked towards the burly man and crouched before him. She lifted his chin using a twig and looked into his eyes " I heard you love playing with ropes and whips.." Xia Lian squinted her eyes and spoke as if she is really feeling bad " Sadly, I don't have a rope with me.."

The burly man gritted his teeth " What is your problem, eh! Why are you hurting us? Do you know who we are?"

Xia Lian rolled her eyes at him " What? You don't even know who you are.. Sorry, How can I know someone who can't even recognize themselves.."

The burly man felt a sweet taste in his throat on hearing her words.

Xia Lian sneered at him " But, I do know that you do not deserve to live..". Xia Lian suddenly bent towards him and pulled the whip from his waist. She looked at the man before her " Why don't you ask something that fits the current situation?". Xia Lian sighed " What a bunch of idiots! Really, I thought of using many powerful quotes and movie dialogues here.. I really want to play with you.. But, your face is making me feel nauseous.. "

Xia Lian didn't give the man enough time to react as she lashed out the whip towards his face. The man felt a sharp pain on his left cheek and

sub-consciously raised his hand to cover his cheek. But, before he could reach his cheek, he felt a sharp pain in his hand. He looked at his wrist which was coiled around by the whip tightly. Xia Lian used her strength and pulled the whip, severing the man's wrist from his arm.

The burly man screamed loudly on seeing his hand cut off neatly. Xia Lian lashed out the whip around his neck and warned him while strangling him " Make another sound and believe it or not, your head will roll on the ground in the next instant.."

The burly man bit his lips to stop his screams. Xia Lian retrieved the whip back as she was satisfied by his reaction.

Xia Lian then tilted her head to look at Yan. Yan shivered when her gaze fell on him. He gritted his teeth and begged "Young boy, We don't know what we did to offend you. But, please forgive us.."

Xia Lian felt that this man before her is the exact example for defining shamelessness. So, she chuckled at him " Am I mistaken?"

Yan felt a thread of hope in his heart. So, he started his Oscar worthy performance explaining to her that this is all a misunderstanding. His muffled cries increased the quality of his performance. Xia Lian really hated these kind of people who put on a false facade.

Yan looked at her with hopeful eyes, but in the next moment he fell into the pits of despair after hearing her words " Did you spare at least one girl, when they looked at you with the same hopeful eyes?"

" Didn't you enjoy their pleading and screams?"

" So, how are you expecting me to go easy on you? Did you think that I will let you live?" Xia Lian laughed hard after speaking these words. She felt that she heard the biggest joke in her life when she heard these men pleading for their lives.

" Why are you killing us for those insignificant women? If you kill us, my friends will come after you.." Yan tried to scare the boy before him. But, these words made Xia Lian laugh harder. ' This is clearly a demon from the hell?' Yan and other men never felt that a laugh could scare the wits out of them.

" Insignificant women? No, you are mistaken.. They are my sisters.." Xia Lian looked at everyone coldly before continuing " Also, I don't give a damn about your friends or whoever it is.. "

" Also, I will be gladly waiting for them to come after me. Now let's start the play.." Xia Lian lashed the whip towards Yan as soon as she finished speaking.


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