My Beautiful Commander
50 I will not kill you, not so easily..
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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50 I will not kill you, not so easily..

All the men around Yan shuddered on seeing his pitiful state. Currently his two hands were sliced off from his arms and his knee caps are smashed violently with the whip. There are numerous cuts on his body as Xia Lian used her dagger on him. All the men gulped and looked at the demon before them. The cold look on that face is enough to send chills in their spines. The whip in his hand was drenched in blood, but there is not even a single stain of blood on the boy before them.

How old was he? 12 or 13? They can't imagine what kind of a monster will come out of him in the next three or four years.. Their bodies trembled due to fear.

Xuan Li Wei looked at the scene before him calmly. He was also shocked on seeing how ruthless his little girl can be once she is provoked. He liked this side of her the most. Her confidence, her graceful bearing.. everything about her attracted him and he could not help but stare at her. With each strike she lashed out at them, his attraction for her increased.

Xuan Li Wei tilted his head to his right side and frowned. He felt a bad premonition in his heart. So, he immediately fired the golden flame signal into the air. Xia Lian did not pay much attention to it as she is dead set on the men before her.

All the men looked at her with terror. This young lad is playing with them slowly. He is dead set on torturing them before killing. Only now they understood what fear and pain truly is. They now repented on their sins, but they knew that they are going to die in a pitiful state today. So, they bowed their heads not daring to look at the demon before them.

Xia Lian initially dealt with the burly man and Yan as they disgusted her the most. Next she sliced of the hands of all the men before her. She then whipped them a few times before using the whip to separate their heads from their bodies.

Yan and the burly man almost puked on the spot on seeing their comrades heads rolling before them. Xia Lian slowly moved towards them and squatted before them. Yan looked at her with blood shot eyes " Boy, we are soldiers of Azur.." before Yan could finish speaking Xia Lian sliced of his tongue using her dagger.

" Don't sully the soldiers name. You do not deserve such honour.." Xia Lian hated when such scum called themselves as soldiers. In her eyes, soldiers deserve to be worshipped. These type of men are a stain on that profession.

Yan stared at the lad before him in complete horror. He never saw such blood thirstiness in anyone before. Yan looked extremely pitiable as half of his body parts are lying on the ground. His green robes are drenched with his blood. His face turned extremely pale due to his heavy blood loss.

Xia Lian got up and played with the dagger in her hands. The sharp dagger looked like a toy in her small jade white hands. Xuan Li Wei felt that he did the right thing in giving his dagger to her. The dagger was more suited to her than him. He realized that he is not as skilled as her in using the dagger.

" I will not kill you both.. Don't worry" Xia Lian looked at two bags of dirt before her and sheathed the dagger back into her robes.

Xia Lian looked at the cave before her and moved towards it. She stopped in her tracks on hearing the sounds of horse hooves. Xia Lian immediately climbed on to the tree like a monkey. She held the bow in her hand and readied herself. Xia Lian saw a green color approaching them. Xia Lian sighed and released three arrows towards them.

" Thunk.."

" Thunk.."

" Thunk.." Three of azure country soldiers dropped dead from their horses.

" Halt.." a middle aged man raised his hand and the hundred men behind him slowed down their horses and came to a stop.

The middle aged man signaled with his fingers and about twenty men galloped to the front on their horses. Xia Lian was not able to see them clearly but she let the arrows loose based on the direction of the sound. Three men were taken down. Xia Lian increased her speed and the twenty men dropped dead as all the arrows were shot right into their hearts.

The middle aged man looked at direction where Xia Lian is standing. He was not able to see the person clearly, but he was sure that a single person took down twenty of his men. He was clearly surprised by the speed and accuracy of that archer. He envied the Qilin country for having such a talented archer. At that moment, he made a decision in his heart.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》