My Beautiful Commander
51 I will be your extra hand..
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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51 I will be your extra hand..

" There is only a single person. Everyone, let's charge at the same time. No matter how skilled he is, he can't take down all of us." the middle aged man shouted his orders.

" Hai.." Everyone agreed uniformly and galloped with their horses to their front.

Xia Lian arched her brows and leaped from one tree to other to change her position as some of the men got down from their horses and started to aim at her.

Xia Lian was able to shoot only three arrows at once, but she understood that she can't hold back them for long. Also, she had to change her position after each shot to avoid getting shot by them.

Xia Lian was able to kill only about twenty of them. As she was aiming at their hearts, she took a bit longer than usual. Xia Lian immediately leaped on to the next tree and the next.. Now, she was far away from her previous spot and Xia Lian face turned cold when she saw an arrow sticking into the place where she previously stood.

" If I was a bit late, it would have pierced my feet.." Xia Lian sighed while moving her left foot backwards. "If only I have an extra pair of hands, I would have killed them all by now.."

Xia Lian didn't notice the empty space behind and her left foot landed on empty air. Xia Lian lost her balance. It was so sudden that she did not have any time to react. So, she crossed her hands over her head, to protect herself from the fall. But, she did not fall down or feel any pain. Instead, she found her back resting against a firm chest and her waist was encircled by a strong arm making her steady and preventing her from fall.

Xia Lian was about to turn around when she heard a husky voice near her ear " I will be your extra hands." That voice coupled with his warm breath made her ears feel itchy. Before she could react to his words, she found one of his hands over hers. His hands cupped hers making the bow steady.

Xia Lian's other hand on the bowstring was also enveloped by his hand. But, that strong hand had six arrows.. Xia Lian immediately understood his actions and she used her fingers to take three arrows from his hands.

This action of hers made her fingers brush against his palms and fingers. Xuan Li Wei's hand trembled by her touch. But, he recovered quickly and their fingers intertwined as they notched six arrows on the box. Xia Lian did not use much strength to draw the bowstring as the man behind her took care of it.

The six arrows slashed through the air bringing down six of the men. Xuan Li Wei and Xia Lian did not waste any time as they began to shoot accurately bringing down six of the enemy men with each shot.

The middle aged man's heart was in a disarray. ' Is he a monster? How can he shoot 6 arrows ah!?' he cried silent tears in his heart. All his men are getting shot down like pigeons..

About a few meters away from where Xuan Li Wei and Xia Lian are standing, a heated debate is going on..

A group of six men had grave expressions on their faces. As soon as they arrived, they were met with the scene of their general shooting with that young brat. If it is a girl, that position is very romantic.. But, why is it a young boy?.. That made these group of young teens very unhappy..

" Great one, say.. our general hates to have close contact with anyone.." Great two's voice became more aggrieved with each word he spoke " But, now that little brat is leaning on our general.."

" Our general is just helping that brat.." Great three rolled his eyes at great two.

" Great One, shouldn't we go and help?" Great three was the most calm one among them.

" No need, our general can take care of them." Great one shook his head.

These are the group of six shadow guards of Xuan Li Wei. They always followed Xuan Li Wei keeping a distance of at least six km between them. They did not know that their general became a stalker and followed this 'young boy'. So, they had no idea that the boy is Xia Lian.

When they saw the golden flame signal flare, they thought that their general is in danger and they rushed forward. After seeing the situation here, they relaxed themselves and diverted their attention to the little boy in their general's arms.


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