My Beautiful Commander
52 How dare you touch me?
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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52 How dare you touch me?

The middle aged man in green robes was stunned on the spot as only about 20 men were alive. He clearly under estimated the enemy. So, he had only one option before him.

" Retreat.." the middle aged man raised his hand and everyone turned their horses around and galloped away. On seeing that they are escaping, Xia Lian tried to wriggle from his embrace as she wanted to shoot at them. But, Xuan Li Wei stopped her with his words " Your arrows won't reach them now. So, why bother to shoot at them?"

Xia Lian's face darkened after listening his words. ' This man really has guts.. Not only did he touch me, now he is talking back at me. Even though I look like a boy now, he can't touch me as he wanted. ' thinking this Xia Lian wriggled her arms out of his.

" How dare you touch me?" Xia Lian balled her fists and turned around suddenly punching Xuan Li Wei hard in his stomach.

Xuan Li Wei didn't see this coming and the punch really had a heavy impact on him. He didn't understand how this little girl can have such strength. Xia Lian smirked as she used her marine corps training techniques on him.

Xuan Li Wei's face is covered with a black mask. So, she was not able to see his face. His frown and his closed eyes made it clear that he is suffering.

On the other hand, Great one is so riled up on seeing his general getting hit by a brat who is not even half of his size. The other five held him back with great difficulty.

" Dude.. although you helped me you should not have touched me as you wished. So, this is a small reminder to you. In future, think twice before you act. I am stopping here because you helped me. So, thank you.." Xia Lian spoke while looking at the man who is currently clutching his stomach.

' This little thing, look at her saying thank you after hitting him..' Xuan Li Wei sighed in his heart. On hearing her words, he slowly straightened himself and opened his eyes.

Xia Lian raised her neck so much that it started to hurt. ' Damn it.. this guy is too tall.. Yes, he is abnormally tall and she is not short..' Xia Lian consoled herself that she is not too short. But, the pain in her neck reminded her that she is indeed short before him. She didn't even reach his chest ah!

When he opened his eyes, Xia Lian stared like a fool.. What a beautiful hazel brown.. She composed herself quickly and lowered her head. Her gaze stopped on his chest where she saw an embroidered fire emblem and a badge pinned near it.

Xia Lian felt as if she is struck by a lightning as a sudden realization hit her. ' So, this man is Qilin country's soldier.. Oh no, so he really wanted to save her and she misunderstood him.. And in the worst, she punched him..'

Xia Lian coughed as she spoke nervously while patting his shoulder

" Hey dude.. I didn't know you were from the army.. I wouldn't have hit you, if you had told me earlier.."

Xuan Li Wei was amused on hearing her nervous voice " When did you give me any chance to speak?"

Xia Lian choked on her breath. ' He's right.. I punched him before he could speak anything..'

So, she stammered " Hey dude.. Just treat it as an exchange of fists between friends.. okay.."

Xuan Li Wei: " I am not called dude..."

Xia Lian: "..." Oh no! this big guy is so adorable.

Xia Lian controlled her laughter and she tried to speak in a serious voice " I don't know what you are called.. So, I called you that.."

Xuan Li Wei nodded " You can call me Li Wei.."

Xia Lian extended her hand " You can call me Li.."

Xuan Li Wei raised his brows and looked at her little hand before him not understanding what to do " What do you want?"

' Oh my! I am not asking you for anything...' Xia Lian caught his hand and shook it " This is a way of introducing ourselves to others.."
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    《My Beautiful Commander》