My Beautiful Commander
53 A cut-sleeve?
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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53 A cut-sleeve?

Xuan Li Wei pursed his lips and looked at the little girl in front of him who is currently shaking his hands. 'Damn girl! right now you punched me for touching you and now you are touching me on your own..' he thought to himself. He cannot possibly fight with her, right? It will look like he is bullying a child..

So, Xuan Li Wei raised his brows and raised his hand. Xia Lian was horrified ' He wouldn't slap her right? Anyways, she was the one who punched him first.. So, she will treat it as a silly fight between friends..' Thinking till here Xia Lian closed her eyes waiting for the slap.

Xuan Li Wei chuckled on seeing her like that. His hands stopped before her forehead and he flicked her head with his fingers.

" Ah.." Xia Lian opened her eyes and glared at him. But, that glare lasted only for a second as he did not slap her instead. So, she was secretly relieved in her heart. Her country's soldiers are so nice ah!

On the other side, Xuan Li Wei's secret guards are secretly crying silent tears. It was only great one who is not able to watch the lovey-dovey scenes before him anymore..

So, he looked at great two while pointing his fingers at the two figures who are gazing at each other. " Great two, tell me.. why are they looking like a pair of lovers who met each other after a long time?"

Great three snorted at this mad man " You've gone crazy.. They may be speaking with each other.. Because of their masks, we are not able to read their lips.."

It made great one close his mouth for a while. But he immediately lost it when he saw the brat grab their general's hands and shake it " Now what do you want to say.. Look at them.. Why is our general not choking that brat and allowing him to have his way?"

When Xuan Li Wei raised his hand, great one was cheering in his heart 'Come on general.. squash that brat with a single strike..'

But his smile did not last long his general not only did not strike him, but flicked his head in a loving way..

" Oh No!" Great two's face was filled with horror. Everyone turned to look at him when they heard him say " Our general isn't a cut sleeve, is he?"

At that moment everyone felt a boom in their heads and turned to look at those two who are still staring at each other.

" Little Li, why are you wandering alone?". Xia Lian choked on her breath on hearing how this guy called her.

" Little Li.." Xia Lian gritted her teeth. Though her expression is not visible due to her mask, Xuan Li Wei is pretty sure that this little girl is mad. He was secretly happy as he felt that teasing this girl is pretty amusing.

So, he continued " Of course, I will call you as little Li. You are not even half of my size."

' That's because I'm a girl..' Xia Lian shouted in her heart. But, she could not speak those words now.. So, she spoke in a gloomy tone " I am just wandering around.. "

Xuan Li Wei felt that for now he should stop or the girl will lash out on him again. So, he stopped teasing her " Little Li, your archery is quite good.."

Xia Lian raised her brows " As if your archery is bad.. Alright, I have no time to banter with you. I am going in to check the cave. You might be interested in it. So, will you come with me?"

" Alright.. Let's go.." Xuan Li Wei nodded and both of them leaped down the tree.

Xuan Li Wei looked at the two sorry figures on the ground as he asked " Little Li, what are you going to do to them?"

Xia Lian smirked " Parade them naked on the streets.."

Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl beside him in shock.. This girl is not even a bit embarrassed while speaking these things. What he did not know is that Xia Lian worked on countless bodies and what part of human body did she not see? In her eyes, all human bodies are the same.. Where is the room for embarrassment?


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