My Beautiful Commander
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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55 Exploring 1

" Are you done talking?" Xia Lian was fed up with these fools.

All the six teenagers nodded their heads like a pecking hen. Xia Lian looked at them seriously " All of you are coming with us inside. Otherwise, you will slander me of sullying your master.."

Xuan Li Wei's lips twitched under his mask and he looked at his group of six fools with a helpless expression. All the six guards felt pity in their hearts and they were also guilty as this is the result of their actions.

' Mistress, if it's you we will not bat an eyelid even if you kidnap our general' Great one sighed in his heart. He came forward and bowed slightly " Young master, why would we worry? Our master is not a cut-sleeve and we were joking earlier. So, we won't be following you." but inside his heart he was screaming ' Mistress, now you don't have to worry. You can take a bite of our general..'

" Ohh.. It seems like I misunderstood something.." Xia Lian looked at Xuan Li Wei who was nodding at her furiously. Xia Lian looked at the master and guards group and she was no longer able to control her laughter " hahaha.. alright, I believe that you like women.. So, everyone be at ease.."

" You will come with us into the cave." Xia Lian looked at great one.

" No.. No need of us coming in at all. Our master is capable and he can manage everything.. So young master you do not have to worry.." great one immediately refused.

Xia Lian did not think much about it and shrugged her shoulders. " All right then, let's go in Li Wei.."

Xia Lian turned to walk towards the cave. Xuan Li Wei glared at the six fools before following her. All the six men secretly gulped and great one voiced out the fears in everyone's mind " We should get ready for our special training.. I fear this time it may last for many months.."

The other five also nodded in agreement..

Xia Lian knitted her brows on seeing the dark and empty downward staircase inside the cave. What she did not understand is that why did these azure country fellows build a tunnel with its entrance in this cave..

Xuan Li Wei just leaned against the cave watching her actions. Xia Lian tilted her head and her anger flared up on seeing this relaxing young man. She gritted her teeth " You.. tell me how should we go in if it's this dark.. We can't possibly use a fire as we don't know what is inside."

Xuan Li Wei suddenly stood up and caught hold of her little hand pulling her behind him as he slowly descended the stair case " Simple.. I will take you down there.. Just take one step at a time."

Xia Lian was shocked at first by his sudden actions, but she did not mind his touch as she followed him carefully. However, she didn't know that Xuan Li Wei had a sly smile on his face behind the mask.

Both of them smelled a strong scent and it increased as they continued to move down. Xia Lian immediately recognized it as she blurted it out without thinking " Gunpowder.."

Xuan Li Wei spoke after hearing her words " You even know about gunpowder.."

Xia Lian rolled her eyes " It's only gunpowder. Anyone would know about it.." Xia Lian closed her mouth as she suddenly realized that she is not in 21st century anymore. In this era, gunpowder is very precious dear! she scolded herself for being muddleheaded. Xia Lian was prepared to face his insults.. Right now her words can be taken as arrogant, so she bowed her head and followed him carefully waiting for him to berate her.

However, Xuan Li Wei laughed on hearing her words " You are cleverer than I expected..". Xia Lian was pleasantly surprised as he did not scold her. So, she praised him generously " Li Wei, you are really good.."

Xuan Li Wei raised his brows, but he did not speak anything. Xia Lian was really tired of walking. So, she complained " How long is this tunnel?"

Xuan Li Wei heard her tired voice and stopped. Xia Lian was about to ask him if they reached the end when she heard his voice " If you promise that you won't punch me, I can carry you.."
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    《My Beautiful Commander》