My Beautiful Commander
56 Exploring 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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56 Exploring 2

Xia Lian was really tired. She had no idea how many kilometers they walked.. So, she spoke in a low voice " Alright, I won't beat you.."

Xuan Li Wei pulled her into his embrace and circled his arm around her waist. He lifted her in his arms easily as she is very light in weight.. He then used his qing qong and easily carried her along with him in the air.

Xia Lian placed her small hands on his chest due to his sudden movement. She did not remove her hands to keep a distance from him.

But, she suddenly found something interesting.. So, she started patting his chest and abdomen. Xuan Li Wei's body became stiff and before he could speak something he heard her excited voice " You must have a great body.."

Xuan Li Wei coughed heavily on hearing her words.. 'What sort of things is this girl speaking? How is she able to speak about a man's body so nonchalantly ? This girl is truly weird..' Xuan Li Wei sighed. Though he was not able to see her face, he can almost imagine this little girl's shining eyes while asking that question.

" What are you saying?" he managed to ask that question with a heavy voice.

Xia Lian did not notice the change in his voice and continued to speak " I've seen many bodies.. But, I can tell that your body is great just by feeling it.. "

Xuan Li Wei : "..." I should be proud of myself, right?

But, his sense of pride did not remain for long as her next words diffused all his current flames..

" Your body is best suited for dissecting.."

Xuan Li Wei was horrified " You want to dissect my body?! "

Xia Lian was brought back to her senses after hearing his horrified voice. In truth, this man's body can be used as a model for explaining to students. She had to admit that the first thought that came to her mind is dissecting this almost perfect body.. But, she can't say that right?

So, Xia Lian coughed " No.. of course not.. How can I, a little harmless boy dissect such a huge man.. So, don't worry.. I wont dissect those who are alive just to satisfy my curiosity.."

Xuan Li Wei immediately retorted " Hmm.. You are a little harmless boy who sliced off the heads of almost ten men.. I should be careful from now.."

" Hey! I won't harm my friends.. So, don't be upset now.."

" I don't believe you.. And, Why would I be upset.. Because of you? No way.."

" Eh? Bro, your voice is betraying you ah.. I can tell that you are clearly upset.. I will buy you some candy later.. So, don't pout.."

" Candy?! You are not even half of my size.. You should buy some for yourself.."

Both of them bantered along the way and the entire tunnel reverberated under their shouts..

If Jun Moyin saw this scene, he would say ' That's the way to go.. I'm always cheering for you bro.. Disputes are also a part of love.. ' and if his shadow guards saw this scene they would be shocked beyond words on seeing their general fight like a kid.

Xuan Li Wei stopped in mid air as he sensed something metallic in their way. He guessed that it was a gate leading to a chamber.

" We've reached the end.." Xuan Li Wei spoke and dropped the baggage in his arms. As they are in mid air and Xia Lian did not see this coming, she landed on her butt..

" Ouch! It hurts.." Xia Lian's cry echoed in the empty tunnel.

" Serves you right.. This is a punishment for thinking about dissecting my body... Humph.." Xuan Li Wei snorted.

" I could have died.."

" I am not so cruel as you.. We are only a few feet away from the ground when I dropped you.. So, stop over-reacting.."

" You lowly minion.. If I can see you now, I will surely dissect you right here.."

" Little Li, enough of this.. Move aside, I should break this gate.." Xuan Li Wei pulled her on to her feet and made her stand behind him. Xia Lian gritted her teeth and obediently stood behind him.

Xuan Li Wei gathered his internal energy in his hands and broke the lock with a single strike. Xia Lian was about to praise him again, but she pursed her lips on remembering how he dropped her before.


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