My Beautiful Commander
58 Couldn“t help liking her 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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58 Couldn“t help liking her 2

" Are you taking me for a fool?" Xia Lian rolled her eyes " Only the military camp is present near the border. Military camp is the strongest pillar of any empire. One can image what kind of disaster it will be if the army falls. So, the army is their main target."

" Though this method is a bit under-handed, it will be quite effective. Too bad, it seems they under estimated the general of eastern barracks."

On seeing that Xuan Li Wei remained silent, Xia Lian continued to speak " Say Li Wei, your general is quite smart. Am I wrong?"

" No, you are right. But, he may not be as out-standing as you think." Xuan Li Wei spoke humbly as his heart was clearly shaken by this little monster. After a few years, she will clearly surpass him. He was convinced of that.

" Eh! You are a fool.. I just accidentally discovered this place. But, your general sent you here to take a look. So, I have to say he is good. If possible I want to fight with him." Xia Lian clenched her fists and looked as if she is ready to punch the general.

Xuan Li Wei raised his brows on seeing her so eager to beat him. He could not help but smile " So, do you want to compete with him in strength or brains?"

" Both."

Xuan Li Wei: "..." Alright, I give up.

Xuan Li Wei really wanted to test her. So, he spoke " Little Li, check this place well and tell me if you discover anything abnormal. If you are successful, then I will ask my general to spar with you. Are you ready?"

Xia Lian's blood was pumped up as she declared confidently " Then, you should get ready for coaxing your general.." she left like a wisp of smoke as soon as she finished speaking these words.

Xuan Li Wei smiled wryly as he leaned against the wooden crates " It seems I should get ready for a round of beating."

Xia Lian bounced around humming a sound. Xuan Li Wei stretched his body lazily like a cat and he felt sleepy on hearing her voice.

After a while, Xuan Li Wei opened his eyes as he felt his surroundings became eerily quiet. He was about to get up and look around when he heard a cheerful voice calling him " Li Wei, come here and look what I found."

Xuan Li Wei found this little girl waving her small hand at him with the night pearl in other hand. He walked over to her and spoke lazily " Disturbing my sleep.. You better show me something good.."

" Humph, Sleeping when actually you should be looking around. Wait, till I tell your general about you.." Xia Lian wanted to flick his forehead but she was not able to touch his head even when she raised her toes.

Xuan Li Wei looked at her finger which was far away from his forehead and he could not help but laugh loudly. Xia Lian coughed to hide her embarrassment and she changed the topic while pulling him along with her.

" Look at this.." Xia Lian pointed towards a brick wall in the huge chamber. Xuan Li Wei saw this girl tap on each brick twice before going to the next one. His lips curved up in satisfaction. ' So. it seems that I am destined to get beaten up by this little girl..'

Xia Lian stopped after tapping a brick and pushed it inside. Sure enough, another underground passage opened before their eyes. Xia Lian looked at Xuan Li Wei " Let's go in.."

" Aren't you afraid of any traps in there?"

" Li Wei, they didn't set any traps to guard that gunpowder. Also, it's not possible that there is another chamber down there. I'm sure it is a passage to your military camp. They won't waste their time on setting traps for themselves, right?"

" You don't need to test me.. Believe me my friend, I'm not a dumb fellow." Xia Lian snorted at this friend of hers.

" Alright, I won't test you anymore. Let's go in." Xuan Li Wei laughed and followed Xia Lian. But, they came to a stop at a dead end.


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