My Beautiful Commander
59 I love eating
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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59 I love eating

Xuan Li Wei looked at the dead end and smirked " Move aside.. I am sure that after we dig for a short while, we will find their target.."

" Li Wei, I am suddenly feeling bad for your general.." Xia Lian sighed sadly. Xuan Li Wei almost stumbled on hearing her words. Xia Lian did not notice his actions as she continued speaking while thinking deeply with her gaze locked on the ground below her feet.

" Surely, their target is your general ah! I have a hunch that this passage's exit will be somewhere near the general's tent.. If a general falls, without a strong leader the army will definitely be in a disarray.. I kind of like this idea.. "

" Little Li, are you really 12 years old?" Xuan Li Wei's pride was hurt badly. Everyone hailed him as a genius when he was 14 years old, but this brat is clearly 12 years old.. So, what should he call her? He really did not know..

" Hehe.." Xia Lian laughed like a rouge " You are jealous, aren't you?"

" Ho.. ho... I am a genius by birth. So, don't feel so bad.." Xia Lian brushed her hands before Xuan Li Wei as if he is a fly..

Xuan Li Wei's lips twitched on seeing her gleeful image. He turned around silently resuming his work. He started to dig the pathway using his internal energy. He really didn't want to talk to this girl now. She is really making him loose his calm..

" Eh?! Li Wei, why are you so silent.." Xia Lian was bored on seeing him work so seriously.

On seeing that Xuan Li Wei is ignoring her, Xia Lian moved forward and stood by his side.

" Li Wei, Can I help?" Xia Lian was uncomfortable by this deadly silence around them.

" Yes.." Xuan Li Wei replied nonchalantly. He didn't spare even a glance at her. But, secretly he was enjoying on seeing this girl trying to make him talk.

" Just be silent.. It's the best way you can help me." Xia Lian felt as if she is drenched by a bucket of cold water on hearing his words.

" No, let me help you.." before Xia Lian could complete her words she saw Xuan Li Wei take out something from his robes and push it into her hands.

" Aa..pple.." Xia Lian removed her mask and spoke while eating the fruit. Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl who is currently eating the apple happily. He looked at her bloated cheeks and her big eyes staring at him..

' Oh god! Too cute..' Xuan Li Wei controlled his urge to pinch the girl's cheek as he pulled her to sit on a crate at a safe distance from him.

" Now be good and eat it. Leave that work to me.."

" Alright, I will join you after eating.."

Xuan Li Wei looked at the half-eaten apple in her hands. With her current eating speed, she will be at his side in a few minutes. He was afraid of loosing his self-control around her. So, he pulled out a small bag from his robes and placed them on her lap " You can come only after eating everything in them.."

Xia Lian frowned on hearing his words, but after looking at the contents inside the bag she was so happy that she nodded like pecking hen. The bag had a few apples and grapes. She absolutely loved fruits. Also, she didn't feel uncomfortable around Li Wei, so she accepted everything without shame. " Li Wei, don't worry I have many oranges with me. I will give them to you after we leave this place. I won't eat for free.."

Xuan Li Wei shook his head helplessly as he knew that she can't be persuaded easily. He looked at her eating happily and then he turned around to continue his work.

Xuan Li Wei dusted his hands as he saw light entering the passage. He turned around only to find that this girl was standing behind him silently.

" You finished everything?" Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl's petite figure. He didn't take much time for digging and this girl ate the whole lot of fruits at such a high speed..

" Yup, I love fruits and basically I love eating.."

Xuan Li Wei nodded as he found something interesting again. This girl did not care for her image at all.. He found her rather cute again..
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    《My Beautiful Commander》