My Beautiful Commander
60 Why are you here?
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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60 Why are you here?

Xuan Li Wei easily climbed out of the hole and stared at the short girl who is now looking at him with accusing eyes. He stood at the same spot without moving as he happily observed how hard she tried to come out..

Finally, he chuckled and he lifted her out of the hole carefully. Xia Lian no longer wanted to speak with this idiot on remembering how he watched her struggle without helping her..

So, she tilted her head ignoring him. But, she froze on seeing her surroundings.. 'Why are we inside a tent?' Xia Lian tilted her head to the other side while thinking.

She immediately froze on seeing a third person in the tent who was currently looking at them with a surprised expression.

" Why are you here?" Xia Lian pointed her finger at the person who stood rooted on the spot.

" Do I know you?" the man finally came out of his daze and looked at the masked young brat before him. ' How dare he point his finger at him' the man frowned while looking at the half-sized brat.

" So, this is how you treat your friends ah!" Xia Lian was angry " You can't even recognise your friend.."

" Jun.. Mo.. Yin!" Xia Lian spat out each word as she glared at the ungrateful brat before her while taking off her mask.

Now, Jun Moyin stood rooted on the spot as he looked at his sister-in-law who is dressed in men's clothing with a foolish look on his face.

" Sis Xia!" Jun Moyin was excited as he pulled her towards a cushioned chair. " Why are you here?"

" I should be asking you that. What are you doing in the general's tent? Don't tell me you are here to steal something.." Xia Lian clearly believed in this fellows abilities. She was sure that he is at this place to cause trouble.

Jun Moyin clutched his chest " Sis Xia, do I look like a thief to you?". Xia Lian nodded immediately as she was angry that he did not recognise her.

Jun Moyin was visibly hurt as he turned to face his brother who is leaning on his bed and watching them with an amused expression on his face.

" Big brother, tell her the truth.."

' Big brother?' Xia Lian tilted her head to look at his big bro of her stupid friend. But, her expression froze on seeing a devilishly handsome man looking at her with a slight smile on her face.

' Ah! This man is too beautiful like a painting..' Xia Lian was in her own world admiring this man's features. Jun Moyin looked at his sister-in-law who is openly staring at his brother without blushing. Xuan Li Wei's smile widened on seeing her stare at him without blinking her eyes.

Jun Moyin coughed slightly as he poked Xia Lian on her arm " Sis Xia.."

No response from the concerned party

" Sis Xia, what are you doing?"

" Admiring beauty.."

Jun Moyin coughed on hearing her words. Now, Xia Lian looked as if she is deeply thinking about something. Jun Moyin felt it funny on seeing her thinking so deeply. So, he asked her " What are you thinking now?"

Xia Lian was lost in her dream land as she answered honestly without thinking " Your brother is as beautiful as a painting. I never thought I would see such handsome men in real life.."

Jun Moyin looked at his big brother whose ears are currently like a tomato. He guffawed in his heart on seeing his brother's flustered experience. It's the first time he saw his brother blush so hard and this reaction is just because of a few words from his sister-in-law.

But, her next words made Xuan Li Wei cough a mouthful of blood and Jun Moyin roll on the ground with laughter..

" I was thinking how much we can earn if we sell your brother to a brothel.."


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