My Beautiful Commander
61 You can be free before us
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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61 You can be free before us

" pfft.." Jun Moyin froze for a while before bursting into laughter. He looked at his brother's darkened face and the pitch of his laughter increased. 'Oh my god! My sister-in-law is truly savage..' Jun Moyin squinted his eyes and looked at Xia Lian who is still engrossed in her own world, without caring for a certain broken heart.

" Sis Xia, there are many famous pleasure houses here. I will search the best one for you and then we can go together.." Jun Moyin stopped his sentence in the middle as he felt a strong killing intent from his bro..

" Hmm.. Moyin, let's do it.. I think that we both are kindred spirits.. " Xia Lian was excited as she spoke with shining eyes.

" First you want to dissect me and now you want to sell me?!" Xuan Li Wei spat those words coldly.

' When did I say that I will dissect this elder brother ah?!' Xia Lian frowned as he disturbed her thoughts, but then a sudden realization hit her " Eh?! Li Wei?" Xia Lian looked at the extremely handsome man before her " You are Li Wei?"

Xuan Li Wei pursed his lips and nodded silently. " Initially I felt bad that I might have insulted Moyin's elder bro.. But, if it is you I am more than happy to sell you away.." Xia Lian was currently enjoying his depressed state. Finally, she had a chance to piss him off.. And she is going to make full use of it.

" I am a petty person. I will never let those who offended me to have a peaceful life.." Xia Lian snorted " But, as you are my friend I will just wage a war of words with you.."

Jun Moyin was curious now.. Just what did his brother do to make this little bunny angry? " Sis Xia, what exactly did my brother do?"

Xia Lian looked at Jun Moyin and explained all the events to him.. Xia Lian looked at his dejected face " What are you making that long face for?"

" I should have been there.. I missed many beautiful scenes.." Jun Moyin's heart was filled with regret. He really wanted to see how his brother flirted.. From Xia Lian's explanation Jun Moyin understood that he truly under-estimated his brother's flirting abilities..

" No wonder you both are brothers.." Xia Lian's lips twitched on hearing his shameless words.

" Li Wei, let's go to meet your general. I think we fooled enough here.." seeing the girl's sweet smile, Xuan Li Wei felt really helpless. If anyone spoke such words, they would have met lord Yama by now. But, no matter what this girl speaks, he did not get angry..

' I am truly hopeless now..' Xuan Li Wei sighed in his heart.

" Sis Xia, what are you saying? My brother Xuan Li Wei, is the general of eastern barracks.." his sister-in-law is truly slow in some matters.

" Ge.. General?" now it's Xia Lian's turn to be stunned. She slowly tilted her head only to meet with Xuan Li Wei's ' what are you going to do now?' expression..

' Xuan???? So, this fellow is a prince..' Xia Lian secretly gulped as she slowly stood up. She looked at Xuan Li Wei and smiled nervously while saluting him " General, no matter how shameless you are I still respect you as a general..."

Jun Moyin covered his mouth with his hands to muffle the sounds of his laughter.. ' His sister-in-law's tongue is truly poisonous..'

" I don't know that you are the fourth prince.. Otherwise, I would have kept my mouth shut.. I don't want my head rolling on the ground for offending a prince.." Xia Lian started to act pitifully.

" Stop your act.." Xuan Li Wei felt goose bumps all over his body on seeing her " You can behave as you wish before both of us.. But, be careful before others. Not, everyone can maintain their calm after hearing your words.." he seriously advised her.

" hehe.. thank you general.. you are so kind.." Xia Lian felt happy as this friend of hers is quite reasonable and mature. So, he is her second friend.

" Call me Li Wei.. Your sudden show of respect is creepy..."

" Li Wei, shall we fight now? You promised me.."
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    《My Beautiful Commander》