My Beautiful Commander
62 Eager to figh
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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62 Eager to figh

" As you wish.. No weapons, I will not attack you and you have three chances to take me down." Xuan Li Wei continued " If you are not able to take me down then you loose.."

Xuan Li Wei knew that she is skilled, but her strength is not enough to fight with him. She still needs to practice for a few years to beat him.

" You can also attack me.. I am not that weak." Xia Lian was not satisfied.

" I don't bully kids.. If you are not satisfied then we won't fight.." Xuan Li Wei also didn't back down.

" Alright, you win.." Xia Lian raised her hands in surrender and followed Xuan Li Wei out of the tent. Jun Moyin was worried about his sister-in-law " Sis Xia, I think it's not a good idea to fight my big bro.."

" Moyin, do you believe in me?" Xia Lian suddenly turned towards him.

Jun Moyin looked at her earnest expression and sub-consciously nodded " Of course, I believe in you.."

" Then don't worry.. I won't get beaten up.."

" Sis Xia, if possible beat the crap out of my brother.."

Xia Lian: " I don't think it is possible, you brother is not weak. If it is you, I can easily beat you into a pulp..." Are you really his brother ah?! How can I beat the crap out of a general with my petite figure.. You've got be kidding me..

Jun Moyin's lips twitched " No need sis Xia.. I don't want to get beaten up.."

Xuan Li Wei smiled on hearing the conversation between these two brats. ' Really, these both seem like kindred spirits..' he thought to himself.

Along the way all the soldiers saluted Xuan Li Wei on seeing him. Everyone looked at Xia Lian curiously.. She looked like a soft toy among all those strongly built men.

Some of the men were unable to hold back their curiosity as they asked " Young master Moyin, who is that cute boy with you?"

"Oh! you are talking about sis Xia?" Jun Moyin looked at the group of soldiers.. " She's here with our general.."

" It's a girl! " the soldiers looked at Xia Lian from top to bottom. It's the first time their general brought a girl with him. So, they couldn't help but take a look at her.. But everyone had a single thought in their minds ' Isn't she too young?'

" Oh! So you are showing her the military camp?" one of the young soldier asked while looking at Xia Lian.

" No, I am going to fight with your general. If you are interested, come to the training grounds, bye-bye" Xia Lian pulled Jun Moyin with her " Come on, let's go.."

" That little girl is fighting with our general! Isn't she courting death.." several soldiers were horrified on hearing the little girl's words.

" Our general is not a monster.. He won't hurt her badly. I am going to watch the match.. Are you coming or not?" another one balled his fists in excitement.

" Let's spread the word.. I'm sure all our brothers will be interested in this match..."

Thus this interesting piece of news spread like a wild fire among the camp and almost everyone gathered around the training grounds.

" I just said those words out of a whim.. " Xia Lian looked at the army of soldiers who surrounded them and are now waiting for a good show to start.

Xia Lian saw a soldier of about forty years coming towards them.

" General, instead of direct physical attacks why don't you spar with spears?" he looked at the girl before him. If their general is willing to fight against a young girl, then it means only one thing. This girl is really skilled.. So, he wanted to see this girl's strength as she is challenging their general.

Xuan Li Wei was not sure about her strength, so he wanted to reject. But, before he could reject Xia Lian spoke " Alright then, let's spar..". On seeing that Xuan Li Wei was about to refuse her she spoke " Let's entertain the soldiers for a while.. "

" Also, don't go easy on me. I want to know where my strength stands.." Xia Lian looked into the eyes of Xuan Li Wei.

" Alright, then we will fight till one of us backs down voluntarily.. Also I will attack you and the number of moves are not limited to three.." Xuan Li Wei sighed after thinking for a long time. He realized that he can't refuse her..


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