My Beautiful Commander
71 The Hua family
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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71 The Hua family

Xia Lian looked at the letter with a blank face.. What is her mother saying? What grandfather?

This body never stepped out of Xia mansion ah! She tried to search for her grandfather in her memories but all in vain..

Also, why should she keep Xia name??? Fine, her mother said so, she will obey her then..

Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl's face which showed a mixture of emotions in a short period of time.

" What is it?" he could not help but ask.

On hearing his voice, Xia Lian stuffed the letter into his hands. Xuan Li Wei read the letter but he found no problem in it. So, he looked at her with a questioning look..

Xia Lian was embarrassed.. How could she tell that she had no idea who her grandfather is.. With these thoughts, Xia Lian buried her head deeply into her chest..

" What is it sis Xia?" Jun Moyin is now intrigued on seeing his timid sis-in-law..

Xia Lian slowly lifted her head and rubbed her nose. Her cheeks are flushed with a faint shade of pink and she looked at them with big eyes..

' Sis-in-law is too cute..'

' This little girl is testing my self-control..'

" Do you have any idea who my grandfather is?" this question brought both the brothers from their respective thoughts and they looked at her with an incredulous expression as if saying ' You don't even know your grandpa?'

" Sis Xia, you really don't know your grandfather?" Jun Moyin was not able to believe her words..

Xia Lian covered her face with her hands as she nodded..

" Your grandfather is Hua Bingwen. He is the master of martial arts and till today no one is of a match to him. But, he lost one of his arms in a battle. No one knows who caused his injury, but from that day he stopped fighting. Even today, we soldiers sing songs about him."

" Oh.." Xia Lian was dazed on hearing Xuan Li Wei's words. Somehow she is getting a feeling that her grandfather is a superman! She can almost imagine the picture of a serious old man with white hair.. Xia Lian shook her head to get rid of her ridiculous thoughts..

" Tell me about Hua family?" Xia Lian's question made them speechless.

Generally, Xuan Li Wei did not like to speak for long. But, today his patience and endurance surprised Jun Moyin.. He looked at his sister-in-law with admiration..

However this look was misunderstood by Xia Lian " Don't look at me like that.. I never stepped out of Xia Mansion all these years, so I don't know anything about Hua family.." Jun Moyin sighed about his sis-in-law's misunderstanding..

" Your uncle Hua Ting followed your grandfather in all the battles. He is also my master.." Xia Lian was surprised as she looked at Xuan Li Wei. She could not help but imagine her uncle who trained this mini-monster.

Looking at her expectant eyes, Xuan Li Wei's expression dimmed. Xia Lian looked at his conflicting expression and she felt a bad premonition in her heart. But, she managed to smile at him " Li Wei, don't hide anything from me. Tell me what happened to Hua family?"

" Your uncle was kidnapped in one of the battle's and they sent his head back to your grandfather. Your grandfather was not able to bear that shock. He lost his only son along with his right hand. That was your grandfather's last battle.."

" Also, you have an aunt and two little cousins.. But, after your uncle's death the financial situation of the family greatly reduced." Xia Lian listened to everything and she had a faint feeling that her mother felt sorry for her family because of her inability to help them..

Still Xia Lian did not understand many things as why no one aided their Hua family in it's difficult times.. Something must have happened and this Li Wei is hiding something from her..

Xia Lian thought for a while and she looked at Xuan Li Wei with determined eyes " Where exactly are they living now?"

" They are living in the Puren streets.." as soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Li Wei heard a crashing sound..
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    《My Beautiful Commander》