My Beautiful Commander
72 Mutual trus
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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72 Mutual trus

Xia Lian's hands trembled on hearing his words and the cup in her hand fell to the ground.. Jun Moyin looked at the pitiful cup which has been broken into several pieces and then at his sister-in-law..

Jun Moyin gulped on seeing her darkened and gloomy expression.. His sister-in-law is angry! She is clearly very angry..

" Puren streets.." Xia Lian chuckled. Her chuckle sounded as if she is mocking herself..

" Even I, who barely left the house know that it is a slum area.. and the living conditions are terrible. What's worst is that there are two kids with them.. It's not a right environment for kids to grow.. " Xia Lian's voice sounded increasingly agitated with every word she spoke.

She now understood why her mother felt apologetic to her grandfather. She did not approve her mother's actions this time.. She should have left that scumbag of her father earlier.. But, no matter what she could not bring herself to hate her mother.. She clearly believed that there must be a strong reason for all her actions..

Xia Lian took out a small silver box and placed it before Xuan Li Wei " I need your help.."

Xuan Li Wei looked at the documents inside the box " So, you want to hand over these shops to your grandfather.."

Xia Lian didn't want to hide anything from them. Both of them really trusted her, so she will do the same. So, she explained her plans..

" So, you want us to manage the shops.." Jun Moyin spoke after listening to Xia Lian.

" I want to form a partnership with you. It will be of 50-50 ratio as you will be the ones handling the management process... Hand over half of the money to my grandfather. No matter what, you must bring my family out of that place. As for the staff, you can pick those who can do work from that area.. No one would like to live their lives in that place.. In that way, we can help them. "

Jun Moyin frowned on hearing her words " Sis Xia, why don't you meet them in person? After all, your grandfather will be happy on seeing you.."

" Moyin, a famed general fell to such a pitiful state and not even a single family helped them.. Even the emperor did not take any actions to protect my family which dedicated it's life to the country. So, I am sure that there must be someone behind the scenes who is responsible for my grandfather's fall.."

She looked at Jun Moyin's fish like face and Li Wei's calm face as she continued " So, bringing them out from that place is like putting them on a chopping block. Right now, I am powerless to do anything. That is the only reason I am asking you to help me. With Sacred Order protecting them, I believe that there would be no one who will try to harm them."

Xia Lian looked at Xuan Li Wei " I don't blame you for not helping your master's family. I believe that you did it for their own good. But, on seeing that you didn't use the Sacred Order, I can clearly understand that my old man is stubborn. He must have refused your help already."

" Also, tell them that you are doing this because of my mother's request. If Hua family asks about us, tell them that we are missing. Xia Jiang will harm them if he knows that I am in contact with them.."

" I request you both, please take care of my family in my stead. Convince that old man using any method you want. Just keep them safe and I will be indebted to you forever.."

" What are you saying? Don't be so formal with us.. You just need to order us around and we will do anything.." Jun Moyin spoke awkwardly making Xia Lian's expression soften.

" Must you go? Stay here and I will protect you.." Xuan Li Wei who remained silent all this time spoke up. His heart was still in a disarray after hearing her declare that she will be leaving to train herself and that she will return to the capital after three years. Though he knew that she doesn't want to depend on him, he could not help but ask..

" You helped me a lot already. I can't depend on you for everything. If you really want to help me then take care of my family in my absence."

Xia Lian looked at his worried face and chuckled " Don't worry about me. With my skills, no one can harm me easily. I will return after three years.. Believe me.."

Xuan Li Wei looked at her and did not speak anything. He did not like the idea of sending her away, but he could not stop her.. So, his face looked downcast.. But, suddenly he heard something interesting again..

" I will take the military examination once I return back.."

" But Sis Xia, as far as I remember women are not allowed to take the examination.." Jun Moyin's words sounded like a hell's verdict to her ears and her whole body froze immediately.


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