My Beautiful Commander
73 What I want is you
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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73 What I want is you

Xuan Li Wei looked at her little face which is completely distressed. He pursed his lips as he watched her calmly..

' Damn! Why did I forget that women are confined to kitchen in this era?' Xia Lian mood was dampened.

Xia Lian rubbed her chin as she pondered deeply ' So what if they won't allow women.. We just need to prove ourselves and it so happens that I am not afraid of anything..' as these thoughts surfaced in her mind, she smiled brilliantly.

" Sis Xia.. don't worry, you can take imperial examinations. His majesty allowed women to take imperial examinations from this year. One should be of at least 15 years to take imperial examination." Jun Moyin tried to cheer her.

" Then.. Why are they not allowing women to take the military examination? " Xia Lian was confused. Of course, she was happy that at least they are allowing women to come outside and prove themselves.

" When this proposal is brought in the court, almost everyone rejected it.." Xuan Li Wei looked into her eyes while speaking.

" Who brought forward that proposal?" Xia Lian was more interested in that person. She really wanted to clap for that person who was able to think out of the box and his bravery for bringing that idea forward.

" Your grandfather.. It happened 10 years ago." Xia Lian was first shocked and slowly it turned into something sweet.. She is liking this grandfather of hers more and more.. Her inner thoughts were reflected on her bright face as even her eyes were smiling.

Jun Moyin looked at his beaming sis-in-law. Before she sat there like it was the end of the world, but now she looked so radiant and happy..

" Why did they reject it?" Xia Lian asked with shining eyes.

" They said that women are not as strong as men.. So, everyone jointly opposed it. Your grandfather was quite depressed back then." Xuan Li Wei sighed.

Jun Moyin was still worried about her and wanted to console her. But, before he could speak he saw her look at his big brother with a wild look in her eyes.. It was not a look of anger but it was something he could not understand..

Before he could understand her gaze, he heard her voice.

" Yes, women are not as strong as men.." Xia Lian was still looking at Xuan Li Wei in his eyes. Even Xuan Li Wei was not able to understand the look in her eyes and now even her words are puzzling.. Those words should be spoken out of anger but she did not..

Xuan Li Wei looked at her dazedly as her lips curved into a most alluring and lazy arc.. It was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.. Xuan Li Wei's heart skipped a beat on seeing her smile but after hearing her words it completely stopped beating for a while..

" They are stronger than men.."

Xuan Li Wei looked at the confident, wild and proud girl before him. In the beginning he was not able to understand the look in her eyes, but now he did..

It was pride.. Her pride as a woman..

This girl has many sides to her.. She can be naughty like a kid, fierce like a tiger, cute like a bunny, confident like a queen..

How could he not like her? He is falling for her deeper and deeper with each passing moment..

In the beginning he was not sure if he liked her or not.. But, now he was sure that he liked her..

No, not just like.. he wanted her..

She was born to be a queen, and he will be her king..

He decided that he will let her grow on her own.. She was not meant to be pampered, but he will make sure to protect her..

Xuan Li Wei's lips slowly curved up as he looked at her..
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    《My Beautiful Commander》