My Beautiful Commander
74 Flirty prince
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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74 Flirty prince

Under the candle light in the tent, Xuan Li Wei's face looked even more enthralling as the yellow light enveloped his figure making his smile look mesmerizing and his eyes look warmer..

Xia Lian looked at this seductive specimen before her with a blank look on her face.. Jun Moyin can tell that his brother is very happy, but why?

Jun Moyin poured himself a cup of tea to ease his mind.. Today his normally intelligent mind became a wooden block.. He was not able to understand the thoughts of the two persons before him.. So, he started to sip his tea in an elegant manner..

" Li Wei, if you look at me like that I might devour you.." Xia Lian wanted to tease him again.. So, she raised her eyebrows in a playful manner while looking at him.

Jun Moyin spat out the tea which he just sipped.. He looked at his brother with goldfish like eyes waiting for his reaction.. His sis-in-law's mouth is not only poisonous but also bold..

He was even more shocked on seeing his brother's smile turn even more alluring than before.. Jun Moyin suddenly found the atmosphere in the tent very ambiguous.. He understood that he was the third wheel in here.. So, he calmly slipped away from the tent..

' Big bro, I even gave you privacy and I will not let anyone disturb you. You better not disappoint me..' Jun Moyin stood outside the tent guarding it.

On the other hand, Xia Lian was feeling a little uncomfortable under his gaze. There were many emotions in those pair of hazel brown eyes which she did not understand.. But, his next words made her speechless..

" I would love it.." Xuan Li Wei spoke in a low husky voice making Xia Lian shudder..

Xia Lian: " Li Wei, you should not seduce young girls ah!"

" I don't mind seducing you.."

Xia Lian: " ..." This devil! He's becoming more shameless..

" Alright, I won't tease you again.." Xia Lian surrendered. She understood that she is not as good as this prince in teasing..

" But, I am serious and I meant every word I said.."

Xia Lian: "..." Too flirtatious.. This friend of hers will sure be popular among ladies..

" Li Wei, it seems that I made the right decision to sell you to a brothel.." Xia Lian spoke slowly. With such honeyed words, he can surely attract many bees and butterflies. So, Xia Lian was seriously considering this idea of selling him away..

" Hmm.. Then you are my only customer.." Xuan Li Wei matched her tone and pace.

* cough.. cough** Xia Lian coughed violently while looking at the flirty prince before her..

' OMG! Why did I not see this side of him earlier on.. I thought that teasing him was fun, but it seems like he is the one who is having most fun out of this..' Xia Lian glared at a certain specimen who is grinning slyly at her.

Outside the tent, Jun Moyin and the six secret guards stood silently with flushed faces..

Great One and the others came to call their general as it's time to attack the azure country's camps.. But, they did not understand why they were stopped by their young master.

Just when they were about to speak, they heard their general's voice and it made them shiver involuntarily..

' I would love it????!' Great one screamed in his mind ' Is their general possessed!'

But only after a moment he understood the ambiguity of the sentence..

So, a group of shameless guards stood beside Jun Moyin as they officially joined in ' guarding the tent' mission..

But, after listening to the entire conversation everyone's face turned into a scarlet red and they had only one thought in their minds ' General. you are shameless.. But, we like it.. poor miss Xia must be suffering in the hands of our wolf general..'

Even Jun Moyin's face had an incredulous expression after hearing his brother's words.. ' I didn't expect I had such a shameless brother.. He sounds more flirty than me!' Jun Moyin stood with a pout on his face. For the first time in his life, Jun Moyin felt flustered on hearing them. He learnt another new thing about his brother, i.e; he is a shameless flirt..
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    《My Beautiful Commander》