My Beautiful Commander
75 All is fair in war and love
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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75 All is fair in war and love

" Li Wei, I think it's time we stop this game ah!.." Xia Lian's lips twitched.

" What's the rush? We just started.." Xia Lian glared at him on hearing such shameless words.. Feeling frustrated, she hurled the brush on the table at his face.

" hahaha.. fine.. fine.. I will stop.. Stop throwing things at my face.." Xuan Li Wei blocked the little girl's attack all the while enjoying her cute expressions..

Xia Lian started to throw whatever she found at his handsome face.. Her original intention was to make his face look like a pig.. But, the reality is always cruel.

No matter what or how fast she threw, he managed to catch them.. Xuan Li Wei was thoroughly enjoying this 'throw and catch' game..

Xia Lian smiled as she felt better after throwing things at his face. Although they did not hit his face, it helped her angry heart to calm down a little.

" General, I think it's time for you to work." Xia Lian stood up to leave " Also, I will be going out for a bit.."

" You're going alone?" Xuan Li Wei asked with a trace of hope in his eyes.

" No, I'm going to take Moyin with me.." Xia Lian very naturally replied.

Xuan Li Wei nodded his head and Xia Lian exited the tent leaving a lonely general inside.. Xuan Li Wei cursed while gritting his teeth ' It seems I have to kick this brat away from here.. Wait! Why am I being jealous of my brother... '

Xuan Li Wei frowned on his own thoughts but he soon relaxed as he muttered " All is fair in war and love.."

" Achooo..." Jun Moyin sneezed as a cold shiver ran through his spine. ' Who is cursing this handsome young master ah!'

After coming out of the tent, Xia Lian found six adorable fellows staring at her.. ' Teletubbies..' Xia Lian remembered that cartoon show on seeing them.

Xia Lian smiled and waved at them as she felt that they are rather cute. Xia Lian's lips twitched on seeing them turn red like an apple and just as they were preparing to run away she shouted " Stop!"

The six fellows turned to look at her.. " Miss Xia?"

" I left my trophies in the forest ah! Did anyone of you perhaps bring them here?"

" Miss Xia, don't worry... We took care of those two scumbags as per your orders. Also, we brought back your belongings. They are with the general.. You can ask him.." before Great One could finish speaking Xia Lian interrupted " I don't want to see that shameless man for now.. Thank you for taking care of everything." Xia Lian smiled at them before walking away.

" Hurricane.." as soon as Xia Lian whistled, a majestic black horse came galloping towards her. Xia Lian patted the stallion's neck and laughed

" Boy, how about you give me a ride.."

" Neigh.."

Xia Lian looked at the majestic stallion before her and she didn't know if she should laugh or cry. Just how can she climb on this huge horse with her short frame..

The horse tilted his head looked at it's little master who is obviously jumping to get on it's back. Xia Lian looked at the horse pitifully.

Hurricane snorted and bent down a little so that she can climb easily..

' Did my lovely stallion roll it's eyes at me?' Xia Lian was amused and she clearly liked this horse. It's naughty like her.. She was starting to love this horse of hers.

" Thank you hurricane.." Xia Lian patted the proud stallions neck after climbing making the horse snort again..

' hehe.. even my horse is too cute..' Xia Lian giggled as she thought how lucky she was to get this horse. She had no idea what kind or what breed this horse belongs to.. But, she can tell that it's quite strong.. Anyways, the twin of that shameless man's horse can't be bad, right?

On the side, Jun Moyin was looking at this human-animal pair with amusement..

" Moyin, get on.." Xia Lian spoke while adjusting the reins on the horse.

"Ah???" Jun Moyin was not able to understand what she meant..

On seeing that there is no movement from this stupid man, Xia Lian tilted her head " I am asking you to get on the horse. We'll go out for a while. I can't stand that shameless brother of yours.."

Jun Moyin: "..."


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