My Beautiful Commander
77 A Bet..
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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77 A Bet..

The sky looked bright red as if it's reflecting the raging inferno below..

The camp continued to burn as some of the soldiers managed to escape when they realized that they cannot put out this fire.

" General, should we kill them?" Great One asked as he noticed the fleeing figures.

" No need.. Just consider they are lucky. Anyway we need to leave some people alive so that they can tell others the terror they experienced." Xuan Li Wei spoke with his eyes still closed " That old fool should understand that he cannot mess with us and also the consequences of their actions if they dare .."


" Miss Gwen, Why are you dressed in black?" Jun Moyin's lips twitched on seeing his sis-in-law's attire.

Jun Moyin still didn't understand her plans.. She asked him to address her as Gwen, a strange name indeed..

" Ben, Aren't I looking great?" Xia Lian was immersed in her own world.

There it comes again.. Ben.. What sort of name is that?

Ben and Gwen!! Sis-in-law can't you give me a name which I can understand?

" What is your problem?" Xia Lian sighed after seeing the twisted expression on his face.

" Give me another name, Miss Gwen.." Jun Moyin still had difficulty in accepting that name.

' You silly brat, I just named you after the main character in the anime Ben 10.. I just settled after his friends character. How dare you reject it!' Xia Lian's face darkened and she explained the significance of his name..

" Ben is the hero in a story my mother used to tell me when I was young.. He can summon any creature..." Xia Lian twisted the story to make it not sound absurd and sure enough she saw a smug smile on the young master's face as she heard him say " hohoho.. It seems that I am the hero and you are the hero's best friend. Good.. Very good.. I like it.. hehe.."

Xia Lian face-palmed on seeing the satisfied smile on his face. Jun Moyin's face was covered with a mask, as the young master's looks will certainly cause a commotion.. Whereas, Xia Lian was dressed in black female robes and she covered the lower part of her face with a black mask. She then wore a black-veiled bamboo hat making her look mysterious. Jun Moyin also changed into black male robes with silver embroidery.

" Sis Xia.." Jun Moyin stopped in middle when he felt a hand punch him. He immediately corrected himself and spoke in a lazy voice " Gwen, so why black?"

" Black is cool and sexy.." Xia Lian spoke coolly..

*cough* cough** " Gwen, don't speak such outrageous words ah!" Jun Moyin and Xia Lian are walking along the streets and they attracted a large number of stares and whispers..

Both of them were completely dressed in black and though they covered their faces, anyone could tell that they are exotic.. Many young girls couldn't help but look twice at Jun Moyin as his height and body stood out even in the huge crowd.. The girl looked too young for him, so they brushed it off as his sister.. But, whenever they tried to get close to him they were scared on seeing the cold look in his eyes..

So, everyone only admired them from a distance even though they were not able to see their faces..

" hehe.. See, this is the magic of black color.. and with the addition of mask we look completely mysterious. One can always attract more attention by remaining mysterious.." Xia Lian spoke proudly.

" I think that we can attract more attention if we show our faces.." Jun Moyin argued. " Of course, with your petite frame and cute face you can attract a few.. Reaching this young master's level is quite difficult.."

" Then, let's make a bet. You will use your face and I will cover my face.. Let's see who can attract more ladies.. Dare to make a bet?" Xia Lian was riled up.. How dare he underestimate her..

" Alright Gwen, If you win.. I will grant three of your wishes. If you loose, you have to grant three of my wishes.."

" Alright.." Xia Lian smiled slyly under her mask. This fellow didn't realise that he placed himself on the chopping board.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》