My Beautiful Commander
78 Visiting a lecher 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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78 Visiting a lecher 1

" Gwen, this is the inn where he is staying.." Jun Moyin spoke suddenly interrupting their lively conversation.

" So fast.. Anyways, after finishing my business here let's compete for the ladies affection in the best brothel here.." Xia Lian was so immersed in their talk that she didn't notice that they walked for almost thirty minutes..

" hehe.. Don't worry, I'll never forget about such an exciting bet. So, what is your plan?" Xia Lian only told him that she wanted to pay a 'visit' to Lan Chang, but she didn't tell him the nature of her visit.

" Ben, it's time you hide in the dark and watch a good show.." Xia Lian entered the inn immediately after speaking. Jun Moyin hurried inside and occupied on of the tables nearest to the place where his sis-in-law is standing.

" Manager, get us the best dishes of this place for me and my brother?" Xia Lian spoke in a low accentuated voice with a unique accent.

Her voice sounded so captivating and seductive that all the men around her could not help but stare at her. ' My sis-in-law is really a handful..' Jun Moyin gritted his teeth and glared at all the leeches who are staring at his young sis-in-law..

The men coughed and averted their gazes on seeing a cold gaze.. ' Beauty's elder brother is quite fierce..' they shuddered as they imagined his wrath. So, even though they wanted to get near her they held back due to fear.

" My lady, what is your name and are you not from this place?" the manager could not help but drool over her voice.. He was convinced that she must be quite exotic as her voice.

" You can call me Gwen and of course brother Ben and I wanted to rest in your inn for a while before we continue our journey.." Xia Lian pointed her hand towards Jun Moyin.

The manager flinched under Jun Moyin's gaze and he spoke respectfully

" Miss Gwen, please help yourselves. Your dishes will be served soon.." the manager immediately hurried as he did not want to be cut down by the scary man's eyes..

" Gwen, all the men are looking at you.." Jun Moyin was unhappy. How dare they look at his sis-in-law like that. Only his big bro can look at her..

" Ben.. Eyes are for looking, Ears are for hearing and mouth is for speaking. We can't control these.. So, just brush it off. It's not worth it to get mad at them." Xia Lian spoke in a low voice.

Jun Moyin snorted in dissatisfaction which made Xia Lian laugh..

" My lady and sir.. please enjoy your meal.." the waiter left the table after arranging the dishes.

" Mmm.. So yummy.. Ben, Remind me later.. I want to take some of these to that shameless man.." Xia Lian spoke while relishing on the noodle soup. Jun Moyin shook his head helplessly and started eating.


" Is the girl good looking?"

" Young master, Lan Chang, She covered her face with a veil my lord. But, her voice is so alluring that all the men stared at her for quite a while.." the manager spoke to a young teen about Jun Moyin's age.

" Oh.. then you know what to do, right? I want to see the beauty behind the mask.. If she is attractive, then I might even reward her.." Lan Chang spoke with lustful eyes.

" But, she has a protective brother.." the manager started to speak but was interrupted in the middle " Just get rid of him.." Lan Chang spoke in an irritated voice.

The manager bowed slightly and exited the room.

Xia Lian saw the manager approaching towards them out of the corner of her eye as she chuckled " hehe.. A good show is about to start now.." she then looked at Jun Moyin " Just do what he asks and remember to convince him with his act.."

Jun Moyin nodded as he decided in his heart that he would protect his sis-in-law from shadows.. She wanted to do something and he will accompany her in her play..

" Young lady, here are the keys for your rooms. " the manager handed the keys to Xia Lian and then looked at Jun Moyin " Sir, I need your help with something.."

here it comes.. Jun Moyin raised his brows and looked at the manager who is currently shivering under his gaze.


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