My Beautiful Commander
79 Visiting a lecher 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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79 Visiting a lecher 2

" Sir, I need your help with something. Actually, our provisions cart has not arrived. I can see that you are skilled in martial arts, so I hope you can help us.."

Xia Lian almost laughed out on hearing his lousy excuse. Xia Lian saw that Jun Moyin's eyebrows are scrunched and she immediately understood that this brat is totally pissed off..

So, she spoke on his behalf " Brother, I am tired. I will rest for a while. I can see that this sir is good, so help him." After speaking her words, Xia Lian slowly stood up.

" My lady, your room is on second floor. It's the second room on the left." the manager kindly reminded her.

Jun Moyin's hand itched on hearing his words. He really wanted to squash this little fly. With great difficulty, he controlled his impulse.

" Sir, this is the address of the store. Can you go and check if they dispatched our goods.." Jun Moyin snatched the paper from the manager's hands and left the store before that fat man could finish speaking. He was worried about his sister-in-law, how can he waste his precious time on this stinky guy??

On the other hand, a assistant led Xia Lian to her room. Xia Lian thanked the guy but he insisted that he would leave only after seeing her enter the room. Xia Lian smiled coldly on hearing his words. Nevertheless, she entered the room as if she is a naive girl who didn't understand the world.

Just as she entered the room, the door closed behind her. Xia Lian tried to open the door, but the man had locked it from outside. Xia Lian felt anger bubbling up in her heart on imagining how many girls might have been tricked by these a**holes..

Xia Lian yawned loudly and stretched her body while walking towards the bed. She removed her hat, but she didn't remove her mask. Xia Lian relaxed herself on the bed and pretended to sleep.

As soon as she entered the room, she sensed a person hiding in this room. She was just waiting for the snake to show itself.. She wanted so see what this man would try to do to her..

Jun Moyin leaned against the tree outside the window of her room. He was silently waiting for the drama to unfold. If that bastard dares to touch his sister-in-law, he swore that he would cut off that a**hole's little brother..

In side the bathroom, Lan Chang smiled slyly as he did not hear any movements in the room. He assumed that the girl might have fallen asleep, so he slowly exited the bath and moved towards the bed..

Xia Lian sensed his movements and her lips curved up as she grabbed a handful of powder in her hands..' hehe.. This is going to be fun..' she danced internally.

Lan Chang was not able to see her face as the girl slept with her back facing him. He slowly made his way towards her..

But, just as he was about to touch her the girl on the bed suddenly moved and turned around.. He saw her lift her hand towards his face and a white powder entered his eyes and nose causing them to sting painfully..

" Aaahh!" Lan Chang cried pitifully as he crouched on the ground rubbing his eyes " W*ore! What did you throw in my eyes? If I loose my eyes, I would never let you go.."

Xia Lian felt as if she heard the funniest joke, so she spoke with amusement " Do you even know me? Even if I kill you now, no one can even touch my hair.."

Lan Chang was mesmerized by her voice and did not pay heed to her threats.

" Also, I just used chilli powder and you are making a huge fuss about it. Are you even a man?" Xia Lian spoke with disdain.

Xia Lian didn't want to speak with him any more. So, she slapped his face hard making him cry out in pain. Xia Lian took out a pill and shoved it into his mouth.

" What did you feed me?" Lan Chang was now afraid.

" Don't worry.. It's not poison and it will not kill you." before Lan Chang could breath out in relief Xia Lian spoke " I heard you love playing with young girls. What I gave you will help you."
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    《My Beautiful Commander》