My Beautiful Commander
81 Sensual Bamboo House 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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81 Sensual Bamboo House 1

Jun Moyin was observing the stalls on the streets when he felt a slight tug on his sleeves.. He tilted his head and he was shocked on seeing a brat wearing a feathered black mask beside him..

" Who are you?" he scrunched his brows.

" Ben, why can't you recognize me?" Xia Lian stood on her toes and flicked his forehead.

"..." Jun Moyin opened his mouth but he could not find words to express his shock. He calmly observed his sister-in-law..

Xia Lian was dressed in plain black robes with no embroidery whatsoever.. She covered her face with a black mask but the mask looked so cool.. Jun Moyin had no idea that such masks existed..

" hohohho.." Xia Lian guffawed on seeing his reaction. She brought a plain and long mask from one of the street stands.. She used her dagger and shaped it into a masquerade mask.. She then brought some black ostrich feathers and attached them to it..

Xia Lian removed her mask and Jun Moyin widened his eyes on seeing her altered face.. " So handsome.." he blurted sub-consciously..

Xia Lian's smile deepened on hearing his words. So, she generously explained it to him " I used some herbal creams to add masculinity to my pretty face.."

" Sis, you are so talented ah!" Jun Moyin was totally smitten..

" Let's go.." Xia Lian smirked lightly while putting her mask. The mask covered her entire forehead and nose. Only her cheeks and her seductive red lips are visible.. The black color accentuated her lips and jade white skin to a whole new level..

Even Jun Moyin gulped on seeing her smirk.. ' Why am I feeling that I lost the bet already..' Jun Moyin pouted on realizing that his sis-in-law has more charm than him as a man..

" Here we are.." Jun Moyin stopped before a large lively mansion.

Xia Lian's lips arced up beautifully on seeing the name of the brothel " Sensual Bamboo House.. I like the sound of it..."

The ladies who are near the door to welcome them are already looking at Xia Lian with hungry eyes, and their gazes intensified after hearing her words..

" Such seductive voice.. Young lord, please come in.." a young girl blushed.

Jun Moyin: "..." Little beauty, you forgot this master..

Xia Lian did not wait for Jun Moyin as she walked towards the door gracefully. All the girls looked at the simple but hot young man coming towards them.. His long silky black hair is held in place by a single black pin.. He played with a silver coin with his right hand, while his left hand moved gracefully along with his legs. His walking style was neither hurried nor slow.. His steps were light and accurate and the heartbeats of the poor maidens reached to a terrifying level with his each step..

Jun Moyin stared at his sister-in-law's back like a fool.. ' I should learn from her..' he shamelessly decided. He hurriedly followed her as he did not want to miss how she will draw the ladies to her.. He pushed the matter of bet to the back of his head.

Xia Lian walked into the bamboo house with a light smirk on her face. All the women stared at the mysterious young man.. All of them were drawn to the slight smile on that face.. Those red lips looked so delicious to them..

One of the girl carrying the tea tray slipped on the carpet as she lost herself when looking at Xia Lian. She closed her eyes in fear, but she did not hear the breaking sounds of cups or she did not feel any pain. Instead, she felt a strong and gentle grasp on her waist. She slowly opened her eyes and met with a pair of hypnotic black eyes under the mask..

Xia Lian rushed forward as soon as she heard a scream. She held the girl with one hand while she caught the tea tray with her other hand..

" Are you alright?" Xia Lian's low sexy voice made the girl blush hard.

The girl nodded feeling too shy to speak. She was still feeling dizzy from happiness that she was in the arms of this man...

Jun Moyin's lips twitched on seeing this scene.. ' Girl, that is my sister-in-law.. Don't stare at her like a love struck fool ah! It's a girl! Wake up my dear..' he screamed in his heart.

Xia Lian smiled at the girl and straightened her. The girl opened her mouth on seeing the young man's smile. She lost herself under his gaze.. Xia Lian's smile deepened as she slowly pulled the arms of the girl before placing the tray on her palms..

" Hold it tight and be careful.. I will not be there to hold you every time you slip.." Xia Lian's words caused all the young girls to scream. They were all so jealous of the girl.. Why isn't it them? They really wanted to throw themselves in the young man's arms..

Xia Lian noticed their jealous gazes and looked at everyone " My ladies, the night is long.. Don't worry, this young master will not neglect anyone.."

*cough**cough** Jun Moyin choked on his breath.. His sister-in-law is really a smooth talker..

He looked at all the blushing young women and sighed helplessly..


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