My Beautiful Commander
88 Opening up 1 Edited
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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88 Opening up 1 Edited

Xia Lian slept well without getting any nightmares for the first time since forever.. She really didn't want to wake up.

But a faint aroma of food tempted her heavy eyelids to slowly open.

In the beginning she everything was rather blurry. She blinked her eyes a few times and unfamiliar surroundings came into her view.. She tilted her head and found Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin discussing something seriously.

" Did you bring everything I asked for?"

" Of course, look at them once. If you are not satisfied then I will exchange them immediately." Jun Moyin continued " After all, we can take anything from our auction house..."

"No need you managed it well." Xuan Li Wei nodded in satisfaction after examining the items.

Xia Lian was not able to hear their voices clearly and as they sat with their backs facing her she was not able to see anything.

Even though she felt lazy and had a strong urge to just continue sleeping for the next few days there was no way but to get up now. So she sat up straight on the bed and stretched her body lazily while yawning " Morning.."

Both the fellows froze and quickly hid all the items before them.

Xia Lian didn't notice their actions as she continued to sleep with her head resting on her palm. Her body is not listening to her anymore. She just wanted to sleep and she is too lazy to lie down..

Jun Moyin's lips twitched on seeing Xia Lian sleeping while sitting on the bed..

" Little Li.." Xuan Li Wei stood at a safe distance from her, before calling her name. He is not ready to become her pillow again. Only he knew how hard he controlled himself last night.. He didn't even dare to move a little as the little girl slept on his thigh, dangerously close to a certain part of his body. Thankfully the girl also didn't move and slept like a was truly dangerous.

After a while there was still no response from a certain little girl..

" Sis Xia, it's time to get up.." Jun Moyin cooed..

Still, no response..

" Little Li, get up and eat something.." Xuan Li Wei gathered her hair which is covering her face with one hand and poked her nose with the other..

Xia Lian felt a tickling sensation on her nose and she smiled sub-consciously " Bolt, stop it.."

" Eh?! Bolt??" Jun Moyin scratched his head..

Xia Lian opened her eyes suddenly and looked at both of them blankly. She did not remember anything that happened last night. But she did not panic on seeing these two men in her room. She was more than sure that they guarded her the entire night.

Afterwards she looked at Xuan Li Wei's finger which is still poking her nose.

Then something unexpected happened which made both the fellows panic.

Out of the blue, Xia Lian started crying. Starting with a single drop her tears escalated to a waterfall but she made no sound and continued to cry silently.

" S..Sis Xia.. We did not do anything to you.. We didn't even touch you ah! Don't cry.." Jun Moyin started to stutter.

' What is this brat speaking early in the morning?' Xia Lian shot a nasty glare towards him while crying..

" What's wrong?" Xuan Li Wei asked gently while wiping her tears with his hand.

Xia Lian came back to her senses and she politely moved away from his hands with a smile on her face " Thank you.."

Xuan Li Wei continued to look at her quietly..

Xia Lian sighed.. It's difficult to hide something from this Li Wei. So, she decided to tell the truth " I remembered my pet dog Bolt.. when you poked my nose.."

" Pet dog.." Jun Moyin face-palmed. So, his sis-in-law cried for a dog.

" Hmm.." Bolt, a tough and handsome German shepherd is her only companion in her previous life.. She is missing him now..

" But as far as I know Xia household does not allow animals inside.."


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