My Beautiful Commander
89 Opening up 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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89 Opening up 2

" But, as far as I know Xia household does not allow animals in.." Xia Lian froze for a moment on hearing Xuan Li Wei's words. Xia Lian bit her tongue.. How come she makes foolish mistakes before this flirty prince?

But, she immediately recovered " The whole household is filled with animals.. That's why Xia Jiang didn't allow outside animals in.."

" Sis Xia, you are saying that your Xia family are not humans but animals.." Jun Moyin's face had a wide smile.

" No.." Xia Lian put on a sad face " I'm insulting animals by comparing with them.."

Xuan Li Wei still looked at her with ' You can't fool me..' expression.

She sighed as she knew that she can't hide many things from him.. But, she wanted to know from when did he start having doubts.. So, she looked at him " What else do you want to know?"

Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin looked at each other.. Their eyes communicated the same meaning ' This girl is really smart..'

" We know that your father does not favour you.. So, from where did you learn martial arts.. I assume your medical arts are from master Wu Gong.." Xuan Li Wei voiced out.

" It's not that we doubt you.. We are curious cats.." Jun Moyin laughed sheepishly.

On seeing his silly smile, Xia Lian also smiled. She looked at the two fellows before her. Strangely, she didn't feel apprehensive when faced with their questions. For the first time, she was able to relax completely letting all her guards down..

Also, they completely trusted her and didn't hide anything from her. So, why should she lie to them?

But, here's the real problem..

She looked at the two who are staring at her expectantly. What would be their reactions if she said that she is a soul from other world..

Xia Lian immediately dismissed the thought..

Finally, she sighed and looked at both of them with sincere eyes " You want to know from where I learnt martial arts?"

Both fellows nodded their heads in anticipation..

" It's a secret..." Xia Lian suddenly smirked evilly..

Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin: "..." This is not fair!!

On seeing their pouting faces, Xia Lian spoke seriously " Nothing can remain a secret forever.. I will tell you my secret at the right time.."

On seeing the seriousness in her eyes, Xuan Li Wei smiled. The girl is really sincere towards her friends..

He had to admit that he was intrigued by the girl's abilities and he was curious from where did this girl learn such skills.. But, now he really did not care.. After seeing her trusting eyes, he completely erased the thought of interrogating her.. He decided that he will accept her for what she is now.. Her past, he really did not care..

" Little Li, Some secrets are best hidden.. No need to tell us, we are not interested.." Xuan Li Wei spoke playfully.

" Then why did you both ask me in the first place.." Xia Lian rolled her eyes.

" Sis Xia, I told you earlier that we are curious cats.." Jun Moyin started chirping..

" Curiosity kills the cat.." Xia Lian words choked his breath.

" Sis, why are you so cruel to me?"

" Eh?! Till date, I am only kind to you.."

Xuan Li Wei chuckled as he looked at their banter.. He had to admit he was a bit envious of their friendship.. He might make her love him, but this kind of friendship.. sigh.. his little brother Moyin was really lucky.. Moyin really didn't have any friends and he never let anyone near him.. But now he was like a puppy wagging his tail around this girl.. Xuan Li Wei sighed for the nth time on how cute and special his wife was...


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