My Beautiful Commander
92 The first summoning 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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92 The first summoning 1

Xia Lian's heart calmed down after looking at Xuan Li Wei's intimate expression. Due to her trust in him she confidently reached out her left hand to hold the handle of the majestic whip.

When the cool surface of the whip handle came into contact with her hand Xia Lian felt a terrifying pain spreading out deep into her bones.

The blood being drained out and her face turned pale at an astonishing rate. It was a kind of torture she never experienced before. While feeling suffocated her heart beat increased dramatically and her chest was under immense pressure.

Xia Lian did not understand what was happening to her in this very moment and all that was left in her world was sorrow.

Her knees turned weak as she fell on the ground. Xuan Li Wei rushed towards her as soon as he saw her face turn pale but he was not able to get near her. It was as if a invisible barrier was present preventing anyone from getting any closer.

All that was left for him was to look at her nervously while having the most panicked and distressed expression of his entire life.

Xia Lian felt a series of images flash in her mind and was close to surrendering to the pain. No matter how tough she was there was still a limit to the human endurance and the only way to relieve a little stress was to wail out loudly.

In the little girls view appeared the back of a woman who was dressed in fiery red robes with her long hair dancing majestically in the wind. Her view suddenly changed to two armies clashing against each other. Immediately after she saw the image of the woman kneeling on the ground while holding someone in her arms.

She appeared two times but Xia Lian was only able to get a glimpse of her silhouette. Nevertheless there was no doubt that both were the same person.

Just who was she? Before the question could torture her mind any further she was engulfed by darkness.

Xuan Li Wei was scared witless after seeing her faint. Out of the blue a blue barrier appeared which surrounded her. No matter how hard he tried there was no way for him to enter and he began to turn restless.

Before he could lose his last sense of reason the girl suddenly moved and the barrier completely disappeared. Xia Lian slowly opened her eyes but before she had any time to react she found herself lifted by a pair of strong arms.

Xia Lian moved her arms and she did not feel any pain left in her body. It was as if the previous torment was just an illusion.

She furrowed her brows as she was trying to figure out the meaning behind the images shown to her.

'What was all that about?' Xia Lian sighed and she pushed that matter to the back of her head. Right now she was only concerned about the damn whip which made her go through this torment.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》