My Beautiful Commander
93 The first summoning 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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93 The first summoning 2

'What was all that about?' Xia Lian sighed and she pushed that matter to the back of her head. Right now she was only concerned about the damn whip which made her go through this torment.

One look at the object guilty for her torment and she stood rooted at the spot. It was a sight she would never forget for the rest of her life.

The whip seemed to be brimming with life as it started to coil around her arm like a snake.

The dragon head which was carved on the handle was now tinged with a touch of black luster while the eyes brimmed in a deep shade of gold.

The snakelike presence coiled slowly around her left arm and the handle which was about 20 cm long started to bend into a circle till the end touched the dragon head carving.

Afterwards the spikes on the body of the whip disappeared followed by the whole body of the whip.

Xia Lian had a foolish expression on her face as she examined the whip which was now around her shoulder.

All that was left was the handle of the whip as it coiled around her shoulder with the dragon head facing forward.

Xia Lian had only one word in her mind 'Awesome..'. She was enchanted on seeing this enthralling sight before her. ' What kind of magical thing is this?' she could not help but wonder.

It looked like an ornament and she was sure that it looked amazing because even the flirty prince was staring enraptured at the whip..

Xia Lian felt a deep connection with her new weapon. She now felt that this whip is a part of her body and soul. Even she could not comprehend this deep feeling of her heart.

She wanted to test it out immediately which resulted in her trying to remove the whip but it didn't budge even for a second.

She did not know what kind of magic took control of her but she found herself slowly opening her small mouth to whisper in a language she never heard before " Demasis.."

As soon as the word left her mouth the eyes of the dragon head shone in a bright golden colour and the whip slipped to her palms in the next instant.

Xia Lian tightened the grip around the handle as the spiky body of the whip slowly appeared from the dragonhead's opened mouth.

A smile was slowly displayed on her face after witnessing this scene unfold. She was now absolutely certain that this whip was special.

Though she did not understand how or why she spoke in this strange language it helped her to summon this whip at least so Xia Lian did not care for now and moved this topic to the future.

The thought of undoing the summon was now filling her mind and the situation seemed to repeat itself as she found herself whispering " Vilaris.." which resulted in her new partner coiling around her shoulders looking like a beautiful but ordinary ornament.


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