My Beautiful Commander
94 Soul Imprin
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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94 Soul Imprin

Xia Lian was immersed in the joy of wielding her new toy and did not notice that the man beside her was frozen stiff. He did not expect these strange turn of events at all.

" Let me see your hand." Those words pulled the little girl out of her own world and she was actually a bit embarrassed because she ignored his existence for so long. She quickly tried to compose herself but her cheeks turned to a tiny shade of pink. She immediately covered both of her hands in front of her face before the man standing opposite of her could notice it. Xuan Li Wei chuckled after seeing her act without thinking twice. He was glad that she was trusting him. If he knew why she did react like this he would probably spill out blood.

Xuan Li Wei lifted the sleeves covering her hand and observed her tiny but smooth wrist. After taking a closer look a beautiful symbol appeared in his view. A golden orchid coiled around her wrist and created a dazzling sight. The combination of the smooth jade like skin and the golden flower created a truly beautiful picture.

Xia Lian also noticed the marking on her wrist. She was instead more concerned about the strange appearance and she hoped to find the answer to it in the man in front of her. Her worries only increased because she witnessed Xuan Li Wei staring at her wrists without blinking.

" Is anything wrong?" Xia Lian asked nervously.

Xuan Li Wei came out of his daze after hearing her voice. He immediately covered her wrists and let go of her hand.

Now it was his turn to turn his head away to hide the flush on his cheeks.

" No, there's nothing wrong." Xuan Li Wei chuckled lightly " This whip can only be wielded by you."

' Soul imprint ' , the whip originally contained a part of her soul. The reason for her immense suffering was the little piece of her soul merging with her main body. The symbol on her wrist confirmed his suspicions as these kind of weapons leave a certain mark on the wielder's body. Divine weapons were exceedingly rare but the soul imprint was even rarer.

With the heavy torment came a fruitful encounter. The weapon now belonged to the one rightful wielder and no one else could use it effectively anymore.

" Do not use this whip recklessly." Xuan Li Wei warned her " No one knows the power and secrets contained in it."

Xia Lian was little disappointed due to his warnings. Now she had a formidable weapon in her hand but she was not allowed to use it freely?!

" I know a person who knows about this whip but he rarely meets anyone but me." Xuan Li Wei spoke after sensing her disappointment " I will let you know after setting up a meeting with him."

Xuan Li Wei decided on meeting this person to extinguish any danger left for Xia Lian.

" It's alright. It would already be a great help if you could meet him on my behalf." Xia Lian was not bothered " Anyways, it's been a week since I left my little brother behind. I have to return today." She was dead set on returning today as she terribly missed her little bunny.

" Don't worry. I will let you know after meeting him." Xuan Li Wei agreed immediately. He was more than happy to help her.

" I'll be leaving today and you will not be able to find me."

" I have my ways.."

" I hate it if you let someone tail me." Xia Lian was displeased and her eyes turned sharp. She wanted to train herself and she had her own plans which she wanted to conceal from everyone else.

" I will not tail you and I promise that I will not interfere in your plans." Xuan Li Wei vowed. Xia Lian's eyes turned gentle after hearing his declaration. In this era people never made empty promises. They really honored their vows so she believed his words.

" Then how will you inform me?" Xia Lian was confused.

" Come with me and silence your steps." Xia Lian followed Xuan Li Wei into the adjoining room taking utmost care to minimize their presence.

She noticed two birds which were peacefully sleeping in their cages.

Xia Lian looked at the birds curiously. They possessed the dark blue colour of a peacock. A body covered with beautiful blue feathers was truly a sight to behold. Their wings were outlined with a dark shade of red. What attracted Xia Lian the most was the golden crown of feathers right on their head which resembled the East African crowned crane of the modern era.

"Those birds are beautiful" Xia Lian whispered because she did not want to startle the little animals.

But they immediately opened their emerald green eyes and stared at her.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》