My Beautiful Commander
115 The Outcasts
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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115 The Outcasts

Obviously, this time they did not disappoint her again. The first victim of the new poison was a murderer and a child murderer at that. Without waiting for the appraiser to ask about her consent, Xia Lian already spoke up," You can use him."

"Ah?" Du Weng was speechless by this kids decisive attitude. He asked once again to confirm, " Young master Wu, are you sure?"

" A life for a life. It's only fair." Du Weng could only slightly nod after listening to her sharp words once again and began to test the poison. The guards held the man captive and one of the servants proceeded to pry open his mouth. It was quite a cruel scene, but Xia Lian never felt pity towards people that harmed innocent children.

Afterwards Du Weng poured all the contents of the jade bottle into his mouth and watched the process closely. In the beginning everything seemed normal. But, in the next instant the man started to have trouble with breathing and his face turned into a light shade of blue. Slowly his nerves started popping up and without suffering for long he dropped on the floor, no reaction remaining.

A simple and neat poison!

Everyone in the room had the same thought in their minds. Du Weng was highly satisfied with this new product. As a result, he immediately displayed his professional smile, " Young master, we will be more than honoured to sell this poison. Do you have any additional requests?

" No. Just make sure that they are sold at a sky high price."

" May I ask how many bottles are you planning to sell?"

" Fifteen. I will bring more the next time. But act as if the supply is highly troublesome and you don't know about future deals." Du Weng was truly happy now. This young master would bring his future poisons here and he had a mind for business opportunities. Finally, his constantly anxious heart calmed down. Seems like he avoided any trouble in the end, without offending anyone.

" So, how many slaves are you having here in total?" Xia Lian had her mind on this since witnessing the treatment of the first slave, who was meant to test the poison for no reason but being a slave, and she was unable to get away from those thoughts, no matter how hard the little girl tried to convince herself.

" Answering young master Wu, they are many sick people and they are not fit to be ordinary slaves. " Du Weng continued to speak as Xia Lian's perked up with interest, " Their families abandoned them because if such a severe illness would spread, not only could they not afford the treatment, even their entire family would die as a result. That's why we keep them in the underground den. They just have no other purpose left, but to die. The family of an outcast doesn't have any other chance to be honest."

Xia Lian understood everything clearly now. Since these people were terminally ill and not physically fit, they were being used as test subjects for various medicines. It was truly cruel, but not to blame on anyone, but the medicine standard of this era.

" Take me there, please." Xia Lian's sudden request placed the appraiser in a highly awkward situation and he replied flustered, " Young m-master Wu.. It's a filthy place and filled with germs.."

" Just show me the way, I will go in on my own. There is no need for you to accompany me, or to trouble yourself with my matters." Xia Lian didn't want this clown by her side either, it was starting to annoy her too much. She wanted peace of mind for a moment. An important decision was right in front of her, she could feel it.

Du Weng could only nod helplessly as the latter did not heed to his warnings. All that was left for him to do was order one of his servant to show the way. Bao Su followed Xia Lian without second thoughts.

Nevertheless, he was curious why his master suddenly wanted to go there. In his opinion, this place didn't hold any value. The loyal shadow guard couldn't see the bigger picture yet.

" Young master, this is the place.." the servant started shivering as if the god of death was waiting for him behind the door. From his reaction alone, one could imagine the horror and despair awaiting them. Xia Lian could do nothing but sigh and dismiss them. Keeping hundreds of terminally ill humans within a small, dark and unclean environment. One didn't have to contemplate for too long, to shiver from the thought of it. If it was not hell, it was as close as you could get. After resolving herself for the last time, she slowly pushed the heavy door in front of her, with both hands.

As soon as the Pandora box was opened, a foul stench assaulted their senses. Bao Su felt his stomach turn immediately and a nauseous feeling nearly overwhelmed him. Witnessing her followers situation the little girl immediately pushed him outside again, shutting the door behind her before locking it. Only after taking deep breaths for quite a while did the feeling from before slowly subside. His personal training as a shadow guard could be considered frightening, but this situation was out of his wildest dreams. As if struck by lightning he suddenly paced forward and tried to open the door hysterically. His normally indifferent face was suddenly filled with horror as he banged the door from the outside. Only a few seconds in there made him feel absolutely weak, how could his fragile little master be in there for such a long time already?

Did his master faint? Bao Su had various thoughts in his mind. One more devastating than the last. He was done for..

Just when he was about to knock again, the door opened without any warnings and his hand stopped in mid air, directly in front of Xia Lian's nose. Like a reflex, his hand repelled backwards, leaving him with the pain of the impact.

" Why in the world are you making such noise?" Bao Su gulped after seeing the furious expression on her face. Xia Lian hated to be disturbed when examining her patients. And this fellow here was shouting as if the end of the world arrived. Was he truly a man?!

Bao Su looked at her and was shocked beyond words. The little girl was perfectly fine and there were no traces of uneasiness on her face all.

She didn't even look pale. Bao Su ,for the first time, felt ashamed of himself, even slightly afraid.

Xia Lian chuckled after noticing his gloomy face. Since he was worried about her earlier she decided to comfort him a little bit, "I am a doctor and these sights are simply nothing in my eyes. I've seen many situations worse than the current one. Don't take it too hard, because it is only a matter of experience."

Although speaking the truth, how could Bao Su understand? At the time they were undergoing training to be a doctor, working on numerous corpses to get used to the smell and not to faint was one thing they slowly got used to. Burnt corpses, bloated corpses, mutilated corpses.. what did she not see already?

Xia Lian closed the door again before patting him on the shoulder,"Cheer up, we have a lot to do in the coming days. And if this can already bring you down, you better return to your prince as soon as possible. But well, what do you think would happen if you returned without me ah?"


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