My Beautiful Commander
117 The Money Tree
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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117 The Money Tree

After parting ways, Xia Lian searched around the city for cloth shops and finally managed to purchase another fifty rolls of cotton silk. The large acquisition of cloth was paired with an equal amount of sacks containing raw cotton.

To finish her shopping tour, clothes for men and women were purchased on a large scale and in many different sizes. Obviously, because she brought a whole lot of people back with her she had to provide their needs. She simply can't leave them after treating their illness.

Only after hiring a carriage and loading everything did she relax again. With the release of so many trapped people she not only gained additional manpower for her future goals, but also a large responsibility. Even though they were just filthy slaves for other people, her conscience wouldn't be able to keep up if her people would be mistreated.

Because the errands went relatively smooth, she proceeded to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to other ingredients and utensils required for cooking.

After finally finishing everything she needed, Xia Lian risked a glance at the money left in her pouch. Her lips twitched continuously after noticing the pitiful fifty gold,which was the only money in her hand now. Well, now she slowly began to understand the importance of strong finances and that she should start planning to earn more money, as fast as possible. If not for the flirty prince's grace, she would have been a pauper long ago.

Xia Lian sighed after coming to terms with the kind of depressing reality. Never mind, after the auction she might earn a good amount of money. But, she would pay back everything that she borrowed from the flirty prince with interest, of course. That's the only right thing to do and she couldn't owe this sly guy a favor over something as easy as money. It was finally time to start her next plan after the auction. This would take some time, but she needed to train herself in inner qi before attempting the next goal anyways.

" Master.." just when she was immersed deeply in her thoughts a familiar voice caught her off guard and she had to raise her head abruptly. Xia Lian was stunned to see Bao Su in front of her. Why would he come searching for her when she strictly ordered him to return back without returning anymore?

As if reading her thoughts, Bao Su immediately started explaining," Master, I came here to check if you have enough money or not?"

' Money...' Xia Lian's head dropped after hearing that word. Bao Su tried hard not to laugh after seeing the dark cloud above her head. Sure enough, he heard her say, " How great it would be if we have a money tree. Then I would just sit in home watering it everyday."

"Pfft! Master.." Xia Lian furrowed her brows after noticing him laugh, and about her if nothing else. But, it only made him laugh harder. Afterwards she observed him taking out a golden card and place it in her hands " You already have the biggest money tree in your hands, no need to fuss about it."

" This.." Xia Lian did not find the right words to describe what she was feeling at that moment.

" This is the fourth prince's card. You can use it however you want."

No reaction from the other party..

"Master, feel free to use it. Please don't hesitate.."

Bao Su thought that she was too emotional to speak. For many people in this era, a sudden gain in money was hard to understand immediately, and she was only a 12 year old girl at that. Just when he was about to put in some good words about the prince, he heard her laugh.

Yes, laugh and a creepy one at that. Something he had never seen before. A new side of his master, a evil and dark side. Bao Su silently lit candles for his general 'My lord, you better be careful in future. Mistress is more sly and black-bellied than you.'

"Fufufu.." Xia Lian had an evil smirk plastered across her face, which made him shudder. He was not looking at a little cute girl anymore, but a bottomless pit of evil. He suddenly had a ridiculous thought 'Maybe the Qilin Empire would be sold off by her?!'

" Why would I ever hesitate? I will make sure that I will use this card to the best of my ability." Xia Lian was in an extremely happy mood. Now, she could take care of those 99 odd people and nurse them back to health with proper food and medicine. Good food and medicine needed money and now the world bank was literally in her hands. It was as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. It was time to invest in the future!

Nevertheless, she left a tiny, infinitely small thought in the back of her mind to repay back this favour of his a hundred times over.

" Master, here are another thousand gold for immediate use." Bao Su handed her another money pouch.

" When and where did you draw out this money? And how come you found me so fast?" Xia Lian was truly curious.

" Master, don't worry. I took the money from the bank which is located in Xianzu village. Don't worry, the prince will not be able to find our exact location."

Xia Lian nodded but now she didn't have any problem even if the flirty prince knew their location. He was giving her enough space already. No need to be overly insensitive. Furthermore, she didn't know why, but she believed that he wouldn't spy on her. He would be at least that smart hehe.

" By the way master, my inner qi is quite powerful because the fourth prince personally taught me. It is really not troublesome for me to cover a large distance in a short amount of time."

Xia Lian was actually envious of her subordinate now and she felt really bad about it. She immediately requested him, " Teacher Bao, your student is ready to learn manifestation of inner qi as per your instructions."

"..." A certain teacher was speechless.

After a few moments he smiled helplessly, " Master, we can start training whenever you are ready." Xia Lian grinned happily as she was finally going to learn this formidable ancient martial art skill.


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