My Beautiful Commander
125 Charming young master
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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125 Charming young master

'Why did they arrive this fast?' Xia Lian went outside with many doubts on her mind. Four middle aged women were already waiting for her.

After noticing her arrival, the twins immediately spoke up, " Doctor Wu, these ladies here will help us with the cooking. You can rest easy now." Then they flashed a smile at her, " Many more are already on their way here. As you already mentioned, meals are really important for the health of the exhausted patients. I am sure that the quality and quantity of the food will not disappoint you in the slightest, don't you worry."

" Also, brother Bao Su and we both will make trips to bring the people here faster. Doctor Wu, just you wait and see. You will be pleasantly surprised later." the cheerful one winked his eyes at her.

Xia Lian simply rolled her eyes and ignored their words. She then glared at Bao Su. When she heard the line ' The twins are back..' she expected a mini army of people. She had to say that she was truly disappointed by this shadow guard of hers. Getting over excited for little things. Bao Su lowered his head in shame on seeing his master's displeased expression. Even he didn't know why he is becoming like this.. He was not like this when he followed the fourth prince ah! Well, he had to maintain a poker face before the fourth prince. But before Xia Lian he started to bare his true feeling in the open without any fear.

Xia Lian sighed on seeing her silly shadow guard and she did not have the heart to scold him. She was truly grateful to the twins for their help. So, she smiled at them before speaking " Thank you so much for your help. Any additional manpower is welcomed. And Bao Su will join you in a while. So, please wait for a few moments."

" I will join you in the kitchen as well. An extra pair of hands will always be helpful." Xia Lian spoke to the women while pointing towards Bao Su, " He will take you to the cooking area. I will be following you in a moment. And thank you so much for coming to help us." Xia Lian slightly bowed to them and the women hurriedly shook their heads, seemingly afraid by the gesture. "What are you doing y-young master?"

Xia Lian was puzzled as she asked, " I am only respecting my elders, is anything wrong?"

The women were speechless and could not help but curse the high heavens for their bad luck of being born to early. Such a polite and handsome man ah! If they were a bit younger, sigh. Why could their sons not be like this charming kid in front of them? Before they could dwell further in their fantasies, Bao Su interrupted them, " Please follow me!" The women broke their gaze and followed behind the shadow guard reluctantly.

The poor guy had a horrible premonition. Not only did he not defend his master from the pursuit of males, he even brought along a batch of women that were already fantasizing about their future marriage! His master was a female! He really underestimated the attraction and radiance of the little girl. From fearing the reaction of the Fourth Prince, he was now absolutely despairing! Why was his little master that charming. Not only young people, she even charmed a batch of future mother-in-laws! His poor life was already not enough to pay back a certain flirty prince.

On the other hand, Xia Lian stared at the twins curiously, "I am sorry for not asking earlier, but may I know your names?"

" I am called Bohai." the one with the cheerful demeanor spoke up first, " It means sea waves, I am fierce and unsteady like the sea!"

Xia Lian observed Bohai with a spark of amusement in her eyes. This fellow was too cheerful and happy for his own good. Afterwards he started to introduce his brother, " He is my younger brother, Bolin." he continued with a smug grin on his face " It means as gentle as raindrops. Doctor Wu, we are the polar opposites. But don't mind his demeanor, he is a pure soul at heart hehe."

Bolin who was silent the whole time suddenly voiced out his thoughts,

" You are younger than me."

' Eh?! Bro, is that important now?!' Xia Lian facepalmed.

" Alright. Nevermind this old issue, only god knows who is the younger one!" Bohai lamented. Thus, a war of words started between them.

" Alright, I have a task for the both of you." Xia Lian's words made both of them freeze. Immediately, Bohai rushed forward " Doctor Wu, whatever it is as long as I can help you, I will do it. This humble servant will go through fire and water for you!"

Xia Lian coughed to control her laughter, "I want you both to observe the heart patient. You don't have to do anything in particular, just take a seat and inform me as soon as possible if the situation changes in any way." Bohai will check the pulse and Bolin will be in charge of controlling his body temperature. If anything happens, immediately look for me. I will be in the kitchen in the meanwhile."

After sending the twins away, the little girl made her way towards the kitchen while rolling up her sleeves. She was already a bit drowsy from the overload of work, so she didn't notice that all the women instantly stopped their work as soon as she entered even a single step into the kitchen. The picture of four women with one hand frozen mid air while looking at the door with a shocked expression was truly a sight to behold.

She looked like a handsome young man with her altered facial features and her focused look when rolling her sleeves made her appear more appealing in everyone's eyes. Even Fan Ling couldn't help but stare at her master for a moment before she recovered. After witnessing the expression on the older womens face, she was deadly afraid that her little master would be eaten on the spot.


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