My Beautiful Commander
131 Pledging loyalty
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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131 Pledging loyalty

" Hmm.. This big brother of yours is quite stunning." Xia Lian praised herself as if it was the natural thing to do. Witnessing her narcissist attitude even the docile little bunny was speechless. His sister was truly becoming shameless. But, he liked his shameless sister very much and what's more he wanted to be like her.

" Sister.." Xia Lian tilted her head to look at the little bunny who is fidgeting. She was surprised that the little bunny is feeling rather nervous at this moment. 'Had she been strict with him?' She couldn't help but wonder.

" What is it Ming? Don't be afraid and tell me what is going on?" then after pondering for a while she added another sentence " Even if you want this whole world, I will win it for you." She really meant it, her little bunny deserved the best.

Hearing her words, his chubby little face broke into a cute smile making the hearts of everyone who are present there to fall into a frenzy. Even Xia Lian couldn't help but sigh at his charm. She was sure that this little bunny will transform into a handsome bunny in a few years. The thought of it made her heart fill up with mixed feelings. She wished that he would stop growing and remain a little bunny forever, but she immediately scolded herself for being selfish. She would enjoy every phase of his growth, his innocent childhood and charming adulthood, she would be by his side and mould him into a person who follows his heart.

" Sister, will you teach me martial arts?" the serious expression on his innocent face made her stop in her tracks. She was surprised to see the little guy's serious demeanour.

" Let me think.." the little bunny immediately flashed a smile. He thought that his sister would say no, but it seemed that he had a chance. So, he was happy with the outcome. He wanted to become strong so that he can protect her. If Xia Lian knew his thoughts, she would surely be moved.

Leaving the little bunny with Fan Ling, she returned to her room and her little face had a serious expression the entire time. She slumped into her chair and started to plan out the little bunny's training.


" Master.." Failing to get a response for a long time, Bao Su called out to her.

" Come in.." a faint and tired voice answered and he slowly pushed the door open. Xia Lian was currently resting on the chair with her eyes closed. Bao Su felt bad for disturbing her rest but he had no other choice.

" Master, it's time to address the people you saved." Fluttering her eyes open, she looked at her shadow guard coolly " Did any of them leave?"

" No master, not even a single one." there was a hit of joy in his voice making her raise her brows. She was pleasantly surprised as she did not expect that the people would actually stay. She gave them a chance to leave, but they didn't. It shows how grateful they are and she decided to meet them.

" What about Doctor He and the twins?"

" Master, word has spread that someone is treating sick and poor in this hospital. So, people of lower classes started to show up here. Since last month Doctor He, Bohai and Bolin are taking care of the hospital."

Now the expression on her handsome face slowly turned into a complicated one. This Doctor He and the twins are too kind and gentle. In the start, she thought of blackmailing them and slowly rope them on her side. Now, she would seem too cruel if she actually did such a thing. She needed talented doctors and she can train them into something more. He Chun and the twins have been extremely good to her. So, she did not have the heart to threaten them. She will kindly request for their help and she will persuade them with all her abilities.

" Let's go.." she got up as if she was injected with chicken blood and walked out of the room with a ramrod back. Bao Su's lips twitched noticeably as he followed her.

As she made way downstairs, she observed that her previous bedridden patients were now walking around with ease. Only those with leg fractures were on the bed. Even her heart patient was walking around slowly with a person supporting him. She then saw a few robust men in the group helping He Chun in his treatments.

Unknown to her, a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips. The whole atmosphere in the hospital looked harmonious.

He Chun noticed her coming down and he went forward to greet her. He had seen this kid train like a monster in the last month. He didn't know why but he snuck out like a thief only to watch the kid train. The determination and perseverance this kid showed created a lasting impact on his heart.

" Doctor Wu, you've finally decided to visit us." He Chun's voice made the surroundings go quiet immediately. Everyone heard that the person named Wu had saved their lives. But, they did not expect that it would be such a young lad. The surprise lasted for a moment before their faces displayed complete reverence.

Before she could open her mouth, all the people in the hospital went down on their knees.The words which were at the tip of her mouth froze as soon as she saw their actions.

It was at that moment that one of the elderly men about 45 years old, lifted his head to look straight into her eyes " Doctor Wu, you saved us from the depths of the hell and gave back our freedom and the right to make our own choices."

" From the moment you treated us like humans, we decided to follow you either in life or death, to heavens or to the depths of hell." Once he finished speaking, all the others on the ground looked up at Xia Lian.

" In the presence of all gods and in the name of Agni, god of fire we pledge our undying loyalty to our benefactor and never betray his trust." the sonoric sounding of all their voices struck a chord in her heart.


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