My Beautiful Commander
132 Apprentices
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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132 Apprentices

Xia Lian's face displayed a tranquil expression, but her inner emotions were completely churned up. She clenched her fists to keep her trembling fingers at bay. Taking in a deep breath she addressed them in a determined voice " This one with the surname Wu, vows to protect you and will never ask anything of you that might bring shame upon you or trample upon your dignity."

' And also I will make sure that you all will live well..' This was vowed in her heart with equal determination. She was a doctor and it was her duty to save their lives. There was no need for anyone of them to pledge their loyalty to her. A simple act of her care, in turn brought her a group of loyal followers. It is said that there is no duty more obligatory than repayment of kindness. Now, it's her turn to repay them for their trust in her.

" Thank you for believing in me and you can feel free around this place. From now, we all are of a single family." her words once again caused tremors in their once ice cold heart. Family? How long had it been since someone considered them as a part of their family. Needless to say, their hearts were moved for good this time. Xia Lian didn't realise the impact of her words on their hearts at this moment. But, Bao Su who was standing by her side all this time felt that his master got herself something more than a group of loyal followers. He had a faint feeling that this group of people would not hesitate to put their lives in line when the need arises, and this prediction of his turned out to be true a few years later.

" Doctor Wu, I have something to request." Xia Lian slightly nodded her head at He Chun indicating that he could continue what he wanted to say. On seeing the kid listen to him, He Chun smiled lightly and went down on his knees " Doctor Wu, please accept me as your apprentice."

What in the world is happening?

Xia Lian was stunned beyond words. She never expected that this dumb doctor will place himself on a chopping block. She was not that good of a person ah! He was a fat meat in her eyes and how could she reject him?

But, she need his help with something and she did not have the heart to blackmail him.. She was not that heartless ah!

" Doctor Wu, if you accept Doctor He, then you will get two additional lovely and clever loyal subordinates.." she was thinking deeply and did not notice when Bolin and Bohai entered the scene. But, their words and the look of anticipation on their faces made her smile.

" It's my pleasure to have you as my disciples.."

It took a moment for her words to dawn on them and the twins immediately squealed in delight. He Chun had a slight smile on his face but he was stopped by Xia Lian when he was about to kowtow " I think there is no need of such ceremonies between us.. Doctor He, there is something I need to discuss with you."

On seeing the serious look on her face, He Chun nodded as he got up. Excusing themselves from the crowd, He Chun and Xia Lian went back to her room with Bao Su following them.

No one knew what discussions went on in the closed room, but He Chun had an excited expression when he came out of the room. Inside the room, Bao Su's face had an incredible expression as he stared at the little girl before him. Not caring for the proper etique, he grabbed an empty chair in the room and pushed it so that it is in front of her. Sitting on the chair with his chin propped up on his fists, he stared at her.

What is this fellow doing? Did his brain go short-circuited because of her mind blowing plan ah?!

" What is it?" her lips twitched as she observed the unpredictable fellow before her. In the start, he was similar to a wooden block like his master. But, now this fellow started to display a myriad of emotions and even Xia Lian had hard time believing his abrupt change. For example, if it was the previous Bao Su he would have silently retreated from the room like a robot. But, now here he was staring at her as if he wanted to ask her something but not sure if he can or not..

" Since you've not left the room, ask what is on your mind?" Xia Lian spoke helplessly. She was not playing a staring contest with this fellow now!

" Master, when did you plan all this?" he had to admit that his little master was quite clever and he was awed by her words earlier.

" Long back.." she was telling the truth as she planned it before she entered this dark city and back when she was still learning about the herbs. Hearing her words, Bao Su sighed. Xia Lian suddenly remembered her little bunny and his interest in learning martial arts.

" I want you teach Little Ming the basics of martial arts."

" Just the basics?" he had no objections in teaching the kid. According to him, it is the best thing to teach the kid a bit of martial arts. But, why stop at the basics? He did not understand that.

" What? Do you think that a three year old can wield a sword?" Xia Lian rolled her eyes at him. " Just teach him the basics and see that his arms are trained well. Also, make him run about four laps around the ground."

" Four laps? Isn't it too much?" he could not stop himself from asking.

" No, it's just the right amount of exercise.. Follow my instructions and train him well. I will personally teach him after he becomes a bit strong."

Xia Lian remained quiet for a while before she continued speaking " At the moment, I don't need him to develop the abilities to kill hundred people.. Just teach him how to protect himself."

" Don't worry master.. I will not disappoint you." Bao Su naturally understood her worries. Life is unpredictable and no one could tell what might happen the next moment. So, having basic defence skills is always advisable.

Seeing her nod, Bao Su spoke a few words before excusing himself from her room. Xia Lian went to bed with a million thoughts in her mind.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》