My Beautiful Commander
133 It“s for your daughter-in-law
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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133 It“s for your daughter-in-law

Next day morning,

Xia Lian found He Chun busy himself with the new patients who are coming everyday. After thinking for a while, she asked Bao Su to bring Doctor He and the twins to her room. She had a clear plan on how to train He Chun and the twins in medicine.

" Doctor Wu.." Bolin and Bohai rushed into the room. He Chun followed them with a helpless expression on his face. He knew that these fellows are completely charmed by the young doctor.

" Doctor He, this is for you." Xia Lian handed over a thick and fat book to him. He Chun accepted the book and out of curiosity he opened the book only to turn frozen stiff on seeing the contents.

" A b-book on s-surgeries?" he managed to stutter after some time.

" Yes, you can study it in your free time and you will accompany me in the future surgeries." she clearly thought about it. Out of the three, He Chun is the one who is well versed with medicinal practices and he had a basic idea about surgeries. He Chun nodded as he was too stunned to speak. He didn't think that this kid would actually teach him about surgical methods. So, he was quite happy at the moment.

" This is for you.." she handed over another book to Bolin and Bohai. " This is about herbal medicines and poisons. I would suggest you to prepare your own notes by using this as a reference. The same goes for you, doctor He." The three of them nodded as they knew that the books in their hands are invaluable and they might be the only copy. So, making their own notes will be helpful for them in future.

" Bolin and Bohai, you will accompany me whenever I am concocting medicines and poisons." both of them nodded their heads like a pecking hen. Whatever Doctor Wu tells, they would do it unhesitatingly.

" Doctor He, you concentrate on developing your surgical abilities. You can learn herbal medicine later and I am sure that it will be a piece of cake for you." Xia Lian was sure about He Chun's learning abilities " You can come to me if you have any doubts."

" Whereas, both of you will study under my guidance.." she spoke to the twins who now had a hundred megawatt smile on their already bright faces. Dismissing them from her room, Xia Lian started to write her new poison formulae. It's time to put her creative mind to work.

In the imperial capital,

" My dear good son, is there no other way?" a certain emperor had an expression of fright written all over his face.

"..." A certain son remained expressionless as he stared at the overreacting old man before him.

" I don't want to do this.. Summoning that old man with an imperial edict is like offering myself on a plate to the god of death." the emperor had a look of clear protest written all over his face.

" If you want a daughter-in-law, then do it.." Xuan Li Wang cried silent tears after listening to Xuan Li Wei's words. This son of his is becoming the epitome of evil lately. How dare he use daughter-in-law as a bait? Too bad, it is actually working on him.

Gritting his teeth, Xuan Li Wang scribbled something on a golden silk scroll. His hands trembled with each word on the scroll. Incurring the wrath of Hua Bingwen is the last thing he wanted to do. But, he would do anything if it is for a daughter-in-law. He was playing with fire, and he cannot help it.

" Here, take this imperial edict and scram now. I did what you asked for." Xuan Li Wang was irritated on seeing the smug smile on his son's face.

" What? Should I personally go and announce the edict now? Send your head eunuch to announce it. I am afraid of that old man since I was a kid. I am not going.." Xuan Li Wang's lips twitched on seeing his son who was adamantly refusing to meet the old man.

" Then how are you going to ask for his granddaughter's hand?!" Xuan Li Wang had more than enough and he finally could not take it anymore.Why is this fellow forcing his father when he himself is lacking the courage?

" It's a matter concerning the future. So, why are you getting worked up on it. And who would refuse a grandson-in-law like me?" a certain shameless prince was very sure about himself. He then remained silent for a while before continuing" But, changing the old man's mind to return to the army is quite difficult. He might give in if it is an imperial edict. It's worth the risk."

Xuan Li Wang thought for a while and added a few sentences in the scroll " He won't be able to refuse now and I will see that the old man returns to the army. I heard you will be visiting the temple of stars today. Is there anything that matters?"

" The divine whip was awakened." Xuan Li We's words hit the old man like a bolt of lightning.

" W-What?" the old emperor was shocked beyond words.

" You are saying that the second divine weapon was awakened?" this time he asked in a serious tone.
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    《My Beautiful Commander》